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Watchwoman: I have no idea why Cleveland, Ohio, is not listed among these 8 cities shown below that I copied from an article (hyperlink below).  According to local news reports on TV, 67% of the population of Cleveland, Ohio, is black.  That is just the black population, not even a combined total of all the minority population’s numbers.  That number was cited when the Cav’s owner, Dan Gilbert, hired a company to do work on the site where he is building his gambling casino in downtown Cleveland.  Black union-type boss activists went beserk, shut down the workers at the site, and marched in protest, blocking traffic and creating general chaos — until Gilbert agreed to their demands, including that 67% of the workers had to be black because 67% of Cleveland’s population is black — and that 67% figure  came from the mouths of the black disrupting protesters/activists of Cleveland!  ▬  Donna Calvin

8. Jackson, MS

7.  Las Vegas, NV

6. Memphis, TN

5. Modesto, CA

4. New York City, NY

3.  Oxnard, CA

2. San Diego, CA

1.  Washington, DC

Get the percentages and Read more: The Eight Cities Where Minorities Are Now in the Majority – 24/7 Wall St.


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