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Watchwoman writes: If you do not want your taxes in Ohio to get higher because the unions repeal SB5, then this is a very important message to read.  Please visit and join with other Ohioans like me who have had it with paying higher and higher salaries and unrealistic huge retirement checks to public union employees with higher and higher taxes.  I’m sick of the teachers crying like babies, and all the rest of the public union employees making a whole lot more than I do, whining about SB5, screaming “Kill the bill” in organized rallies and marches (and riots) like they were in Wisconsin.  Why should we have to pay them more and more and more and more and keep on increasing their retirements which is utterly unsustainable?  No one else is getting rich in Ohio. Let’s take a break and keep our taxes level for a while, what do you say?  I’m sorry, but I find them to be greedy abusers of the system and little better than the DC politicos who continuously vote themselves raises.  The Reps and Senators in Columbus were right to send SB5 to Gov. Kasich.  Governor Kasich was right to sign into law SB5.  Do not allow them to repeal SB5.  Vote YES on Issue 2 (which will prevent the repeal of SB5).  BTW, the organized unions are winning in the polls because the unionized media is supporting the repeal of SB5, so you’re about to get hit up for higher taxes if they get their way.  For more information please go to: – Thanks.  ▬ Donna Calvin

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Ohioans have a choice to make this fall about the direction of our state.

We can keep the unfair, unsustainable policies that are bankrupting our communities, or we can change direction and give them the tools they need to create jobs and get spending under control.

It’s that simple.

Unfortunately, bold reform does not come easy.  The union bosses that feed on our tax dollars will say and do anything to oppose putting taxpayers ahead of their own interests.  Your support is critical to our efforts.

Please share our website with your friends and family so that they can get the facts also. You can find us on Facebook here or Twitter here.

If you’re able, please make a generous contribution here to help us get our message out and defend Ohio taxpayers.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to working with you.  Remember, vote YES on State Issue 2.

-Building a Better Ohio Team

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