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  • Story Highlights:
  • UCLA political scientist Dr. Tim Groseclose pens new book about liberal media bias
  • Groseclose claims he has scientifically proven that mainstream outlets are biased
  • Liberal media bias, he says, impacts Americans’ perspectives on important issues

Charges of media bias have existed for years. Explicit examples — and there are many — showcase journalists’ inability to hide personal perspective. But, are the mainstream media biased on the whole? Many would answer affirmatively.

In America, conservatives tend to believe that national outlets favor Democratic candidates and politicians over their Republican counterparts. But, can this be proven? UCLA political scientist Dr. Tim Groseclose says “yes.”

In his new book, Left Turn — How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind, Groseclose not only sets out to showcase that the media are biased, but he also seeks to expose the profound influence liberal bias has had on the American public. Below, CBN sheds light on some of his findings:

– All mainstream news outlets in the United States have a liberal bias.

– The Drudge Report is the most fair, balanced and centrist news outlet in the United States.

– Fox News’ “Special Report,” which is usually characterized as conservative, is not biased as far right as typical mainstream outlets are biased to the left.

You can read the rest of his opinion piece here.

Below, watch Groseclose discuss his research:

See the video and read more:

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