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This video showcases how the character of America has been forged not through the victory of one political faction over another. Instead, our God-ordained national being has been formed through the celebration of freedom birthed in the fires of The Revolution and subsequently nurtured to maturity by the ratification of The Federal Constitution. Today, we are part of a great cultural and spiritual awakening that is heralding afresh the principles of liberty. Far larger than our own nation, this movement of freedom has both the promise and the vigor to signal the end of “man-as-god” totalitarianism in all of its forms. In the midst of great global political turbulence and paradigm shifts, it is paramount to apprehend the world-life-view that encouraged our founders. It’s not enough to know what the founders said, it’s even more important to know how they thought! Republic Restored – Faith, Fidelity, and Action is a book by Jeffrey Ziegler, a former CEO of multiple healthcare companies and who has conducted seminars in 18 protestant denominations in four countries and in 1000 churches and Catholic Parishes and is widely published in United States, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Malaysia.

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