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Watchwoman: Quinn & Rose is my favorite secular Talk Radio show of all.  They are more entertaining than any talk show I have EVER heard.  Quinn’s sense of humor is just about perverted, but Rose keeps him in line – and when these two argue, it sounds just like my husband and me — it’s a riot) plus they provide accurate information quickly about topics other talk shows won’t touch!  They give all the news you’ll need in the most entertaining way!  If you can’t find a local station that carries them go to and search for “quinn”.  They are listed under “conservative morning talkers”.  You can listen to them there free online 24/7 one hour at a time.  I promise you that you’ll thank me for the hyperlink to and you’ll thank me even more for Quinn & Rose.  Enjoy!  ▬ Donna Calvin


Quinn & Rose are back from vacation, just in time for the vote on the debt ceiling.  And yes, we’re disappointed, but it was raised.  The deal was created over the weekend, and Boehner said we’re going to avoid a catastrophe with this deal, but there’s no catastrophe!  They get sucked into this every time.

The deal involves some saving, but also spending.  Rose brought up the idea of a wive returning to her husband, with hands full of bags.  The wife spent $500 on clothes, but she got them at 50% off, so really, she SAVED her husband $500.  It makes no sense, and that way of thinking is destructive.

Then, the White House was claiming that the GOP was going to ruin Christmas.  These exclamations are from the same people who shoved Obama-Care down our throats on Christmas Eve.

Quinn had a great monologue about the Democrat Party.  He says they’re fighting for their life, because their whole existence, as a party, stands on 2 principles.  First, is expanding government forever.  Second, is buying votes from constituents who become dependent upon them forever, which involves spending your money.

Speaking of spending your money… They’re wanting to give free cell phones to people on welfare in the state of Pennsylvania.  Up to 250 minutes on cell phones, for people who “can’t afford” them, and they claim it’s a civil right.  Close to 5.5 million people could qualify for the program in PA.  They’re calling it a “right to have peace of mind,” so they can pay their rent, or pay for day care.  Sure…

This week was jam-packed with name-calling, and ridiculous quotes.  First, there was VP Joe Biden, who called the Tea Party “Terrorists.”  Then, John McCain called the Tea Party “Hobbits.”  And Harry Reid was whining about not seeing his home in Nevada.  He hasn’t seen his pomegranate trees, and fig trees, and he was dead serious.

Of course, what week would be complete without some ridiculous comments from Nancy Pelosi?  Rose shared with us that Pelosi views her role in politics as an extension of her role as a mother.  Rose wonder what she tells her kids…  “Go ahead, stick your finger in the socket, we won’t know what happens until after you’ve done it.”  We’ll never forget when Pelosi said we had to pass the health care bill to find out what is in it.

President Obama is doing a bus tour throughout the Midwest, to push for “job creation.”  So, pretty much, he’s going to talk and create hype, all while we’re in the midst of the worst unemployment numbers.

Obama had his 50th birthday this week, which he turned into a fund raiser.  Some ticket prices were $35,800.  Ouch.  And Illinois’ unemployment numbers are at a record high.  Does he not care?

His fund raisers are just beginning.  Rose read off some interesting numbers, regarding the past 3 Presidents re-election events.  Clinton had 5 events, Bush had 7 events, and Obama?  He has had 37 events, and he’s still going.

Join Quinn & Rose at some upcoming appearances!  The Great American Food Drive is attempting to break a world record of most food collected in a 24 hour period.  Quinn & Rose will be at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino, from 1 to 3 pm, on Saturday, August 27th.  Bring in your canned goods and bottled food items, and help break the record!

Quinn & Rose will be in Lisbon, OH in September, for “Restoring Freedom!”  Saturday, September 10th at 1 pm.  There will be a 9-11 Tribute, and Quinn & Rose will be there from 2-4 pm.  Columbiana CountyFairgrounds at the Grandstand, in Lisbon, OH!

For details on all these appearances, click:

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Expect the stories to keep coming in.  Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.

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