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Quinn & Rose started out the week with various headlines. There was the helicopter shut down, killing 30 of our Navy Seals and military personnel. The families requested that there be no pictures of their bodies being returned, but there’s a picture of Obama saluted them, despite their requests.

There were riots in Wisconsin, and recall elections took place this week, which of course, failed.

Barney Frank farted on live television, during an interview on MSNBC. (Insert your own jokes here).

The governor of Texas, Rick Perry, was part of a call to prayer event called “The Response.” Despite all the criticism and naysayers for holding the event, there was a turnout of 30,000 people. He’ll be announcing his run for Presidency soon.

The week started out with the nation’s credit downgrade. “As Obama talks, the stock market drops.” Rose pointed out Obama’s arrogance. He stated that we’re still a Triple-A country, and “always will be,” but we’re AA + now! And at the news of the Triple-A rating drop, he went and golfed!

There are polls out there suggesting that people are blaming the tea party and Republicans for the downgrade. However, there’s some that are blaming S&P for the rating! But, the facts are the facts. And Obama constantly puts the blame on others for the downgrade, basically claiming that Congress wouldn’t agree with Obama. He needs to call Congress back to office, and get the job done. Oh wait, he’s taking a vacation himself, for the third summer in a row, to Martha’s Vineyard.

Rose brought up a great point about how Obama always blames Bush, and how Obama “inherited” all these debt problems from Bush. Well, what about the Triple-A rating you inherited from Bush? You screwed that one up Obama.

They had the GOP debate on Thursday evening, in Iowa. There will be more of a re-cap on that early next week. Michele Bachmann is up in the polls. She’s articulate, with strong faith. she’s a no-nonsense candidate, an amazing woman, and very bright. However, the cover of Newsweek tried to portray her otherwise. She’s on the cover with the title “Queen of Rage,” with an unflattering photograph, despite her being a very attractive woman.

Rose read an email from someone that said, “If through some diabolical twist, Obama was to be re-elected… what comes after a trillion?” Then, Quinn mentioned there’s a company that makes a million rounds of ammunition a day. In order to make a trillion, they would have to do that 250 days a year… for 4,000 years.

Some cool news from Rose this week… There’s a possibility of a publisher to pick up her book on Ways to Thanks a Soldier. Stay tuned for updates!

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Expect the stories to keep coming in. Tune in next week, with some more re-caps of the GOP Debate in Iowa.

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