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To My Dear Praying Christian Friends,

URGENT: The time between now and August 25, 2011 is crucial for my granddaughter, Kailey.  We need a prayer chain for Kailey.

The conference / meeting with the NEW visiting Judge from Portage County will take place on 8-25-11 with the lawyers for the parties.

Please pray the new judge will remedy the unjust decisions previously made by the Trumbull County Family Court and Kailey will be back in the safe custody of her mother.

Please pray for Kailey’s protection and safety and that she will be ordered back here for this meeting on 8-25-11.

Please pray for wisdom for our lawyers in their presentation of the situation to the new judge.

Pray the new judge will clearly see what is happening to Kailey and her mother at the hands of this family court in Trumbull County, and will immediately remedy this in Kailey’s best interest.

We need a prayer chain for 6 year old Kailey. Please forward to all your friends, pastors, and churches who will join us on behalf of mother and daughter (Christine and Kailey).

Thank you so much.



(Kailey’s maternal Grandma)


Kailey’s father’s current wife, Melissa, has since cut Kailey’s hair very short, dyed and streaked it.  Kailey did not want it cut, but tells us that Melissa does what Melissa wants to do with her.  Kailey says that if she tells Melissa she doesn’t want something done to her, she will get yelled at, punished, spanked, or locked in her room; and Melissa does it anyway to her.  So now Kailey cannot even voice her will without fear.

Kailey has told many people that she wants to be with her mom; including Magistrate Scott Bombeck, her court appointed G.A.L.’s Atty. Marty D. Nosich, and Atty. Robert M. Platt, Jr., and many other people.  Kailey told several people that Mag. Bombeck asked her on 6-16-11 in his chambers, who she would like to stay with and Kailey told him she wanted to stay here with her mom.  For 3 years Kailey has been telling people who have the authority to help, and she only knows that no one is helping her.

Kailey has begged and pleaded to stay with her mommy.  She has been pulled away from her mother screaming and crying so hard, she was hyperventilating!  While her father, Tim or his current wife, Melissa was carrying Kailey away from her mother, Kailey would be reaching out towards her mom yelling, I want to stay with you mommy, Please don’t make me go!  This is heartbreaking to see and it is the uncaring Trumbull County Court that was making Kailey go.  Kailey was actually VERY FEARFUL and AFRAID to go.  When her mother tried to calm her down by saying, You’ll be okay; Kailey immediately cried, NO, I WON’T.  These were recorded with a digital audio recorder that Kailey was not aware of and given to her court appointed G.A.L., Robert M. Platt, Jr., who has never done anything to protect Kailey.  He has ignored all the evidence that was given to him by many witnesses.  I honestly don’t know how this man sleeps at night when he has grandchildren of his own around Kailey’s age.

Some of the exchanges took 10 minutes because Kailey refused to get out of the car and would grab onto the steering wheel and refuse to let go.  During some of these exchanges, Melissa would LAUGH and give Christine the middle finger!

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