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Watchwoman comments: SB5 is very similar to the legislation passed in Wisconsin that caused uprisings, riots and protests (all set up by union bosses/thugs and professional agitators – otherwise known as community organizers).  In Ohio, the union members have collected enough signatures to get SB5 on the ballot this November (in the hopes of getting it rescinded).  So far, with the media and news outlets all behind the SB5 organized union supporters, the measure in the polls shows that the unions are scoring a hit with the people and “we the people” are actually losing out.  It’s sad because “we the people” will pay the price for SB5 if it is rescinded by paying much higher taxes.  It’s hard to understand why or how the people of Ohio can be so easily deceived until you understand that the media and newspapers are all union controlled — and they control public opinion.  Ohio’s credit rating was in the dumper under Democrat Gov. Ted Strickland, a tax and spend Democrat, who couldn’t balance a teeter-tauter, let alone a state budget.  Strickland was fired by the voters after only one very unsuccessful term.  The new Republican Governor Kasich has gotten Ohio’s credit rating raised and is doing a good job, but the unions and the union-controlled lamestream media are totally against him.  I certainly hope and pray that the Ohio Republican Party wakes up and starts paying for some advertising to tell the truth so we can reclaim complete fiscal responsibility in Ohio.  We cannot afford the already bloated salaries of the public employees, including the teachers who only work 9 months of the year and average much higher wages than the parents of the students they teach – parents who work all 12 months of the year to pay the teachers wages.  We cannot afford higher taxes in Ohio — we are already one of the higher taxed states in the union, my friends. Wisconsin survived the union attacks.  I pray that Ohio will too.  Below the two pictures, do not miss Joe Clark’s comments about SB5.  They are very well-thought out.  (Following Joe Clark’s comments is an analysis of SB5.)  ▬ Donna Calvin

Organized Demonstrators Hold Professionally Printed Signs supporting their position to get them higher pay checks while we pay for their increased wages.

Any one can see how these community organizers have worked to get their viewpoint out to gain media coverage for their advantage and fill their wallets with bigger bucks at the rest of Ohioan's expense.



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Kasich’s Olive Branch

Governor John Kasich reached out to Ohio public employee unions to renegotiate collective bargaining policy in which Ohio Senate Bill 5, passed by the Ohio legislature, would give the Governor more leverage than the public unions in deciding how much the state can afford to pay state workers in terms of benefits like pensions and health care.

The unions will have none of it, and are going for an “all or nothing” approach to defeat Senate Bill 5. My comment to the local lib newspaper, which is heavily in favor of higher taxation and the pacifying of all union demands:

Governor John Kasich offered an olive branch to the public employee union, and it was promptly chewed up and spit back at him. The union leaders, in effect, said it was too little, too late. I am not one that makes such claims that unions are unnecessary and are relics from a bygone era. It is clear that Ohio, one of the largest union, or “no right to work,” states, has been handicapped in its ability to promote new and profitable businesses in the state, because of the demand on tax payers to pay government employees all that they would wish. And, there is a difference between types of unions. Private business unions must fight in negotiations for benefits, and hope that the company profit be sufficient enough to pay the demands of labor. Public employee unions have no stake in the success of their government operations, but are guaranteed their wages and benefits from the state, which pays them from taxes which are paid by the public so as to avoid jail – at the point of a gun.

Non union Ohio citizens, as well as private business unions, should realize that when a dollar is taken out out of the private sector, and placed in the public sector, it is money diverted from use by the private sector, and therefore,it is money diverted from private union employee pay and benefits, as well. We need public employee unions, but we just cannot afford to pay them all that they want. If union members, both private and public, boast of having solidarity, then why won’t any union members take cuts in pay so that their fellow members can keep their jobs?



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