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Watchwoman: Notice in the story below, the authorities claim it’s not racially motivated.  Question? Why when ONLY blacks attack ONLY whites it’s not racially motivated when if the opposite were true it would undoubtedly be a hate crime because of the racially motivated obvious white only on black only attacks? I’m so weary of the press bias and the capitulation by anyone in authority who cowards at the wrath of Jesse Jackson’s, Al Farrakhan’s, Al Sharpton’s, et. al.  that would descend upon them like flies on a pile of rotten garbage. The Politically Correct PC press reeks of cowardice!  And I think PC should stand for Prejudiced Communists, you know the group of the Hate Working America Whites First Crowd! Another thought – think these black attackers had Twitter and cell phone accounts?  Flash mob violence?  BTW, eyewitnesses in a previous article on the Drudge Report yesterday said that these black gangs walked past cars of blacks, past right by, not attacking them, and ONLY attacked when they saw cars with white people in them.  But of course, it wasn’t racially motivated!  ▬ Donna Calvin



One day after witnesses reported groups of black teenagers attacked white patrons on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, Gov. Scott Walker called in the State Patrol to ensure crowd safety for the remainder of the fair.

Organizers also implemented new rules to bar unaccompanied minors from entering the fairgrounds after 5 p.m., something fair CEO Rick Frenette said was a first in his 40 years there.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, fights started breaking out among black youths around Thursday around 7 p.m., then around 11 p.m. witnesses said dozens to hundreds of black youths began attacking white patrons as they left the fair, punching and kicking them and shaking their vehicles.

Police, still trying to piece together what sparked the violence, said the initial early evening fights did not appear to be racially motivated, although witnesses said the subsequent attacks were.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

“You could just tell they were after white people. That was the main thing. If you were white, they were coming after you,” said Jon Stikl of Oak Creek.

He said he was stuck in traffic as a group of young people blocked cars near the fair gate on S. 84th St. near I-94 after he picked up family members attending the fair.

“We noticed a group of five to 10 young black males run up and jump a young white male for no other reason then him being white,” Stikl said.

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