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Yep, these Idiots in the News are for REAL!



   Woman Arrested for Putting Infant in Bed of Truck   (Associated Press)

  • A central Florida woman is charged with child neglect after authorities say she rode in the bed of a pickup truck with an 8-month old child next to her in a stroller.


   Woman Calls Police Over Missing Remote Control   (Associated Press)

  • A woman called police after she couldn’t find her television remote control.


   Man Arrested for Fishing Nude   (Associated Press)

  • Spokane County sheriff’s deputies have arrested a 54-year-old man after he was spotted fishing naked.


   Rats the Size of Rabbits Overrun NYC Park   (UPI)

  • People living and working near the Grand Army Plaza Park in New York said the property has become overrun with rabbit-sized rats.


   Man Scales Barbed-Wire Fence – Into Prison   (Associated Press)

  • Most inmates are trying to get out of prison, but authorities say they caught a California parolee trying to sneak back in.


   Man Skipped Out on Fare, Left Bong   (UPI)

  • Police in Illinois said a man who fled a taxi cab without paying left items behind, including his ID and a bong for smoking marijuana.


   Ring Recovered from Repairman’s Stomach   (UPI)

  • Authorities in Illinois said they used medication to recover a diamond ring from a Chicago repairman accused of swallowing it while working on a suburban home.
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