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Watchwoman introduction:  Recently, Brad Thor wrote a book, that I highly recommend, FULL BLACK.  It is a thriller!  It’s about the evildoers whose goal is the complete and total collapse of the United States.  In FULL BLACK, unknowingly, a Hollywood movie producer, Larry Salomon, exposes one of the world’s wealthiest and most politically connected power brokers, James Standing, – a man with a radical anti-American agenda – who sounds amazingly close to the kind of person that the multi-billionaire George Soros is (not necessarily my opinion, but that of a talk show person).  I heard Glenn Beck make that comparison while he was doing an interview with the author, Brad Thor, and that is what got me interested in this book.  To get you even more interested in reading FULL BLACK, below are excerpts edited down from pages 70-77 that have been rearranged for clarity and brevity and thus somewhat rewritten, but holding to the original meaning.  This “digest” edited piece was given to me by a friend but the dialogue is, nevertheless, startling and disturbing.  Larry Salomon is describing the evil James Standing’s diabolical plot to Luke Ralston and then Thor relates a conversation between the malevolent James Standing and a woman reporter named Julia Winston.  Ralston had just saved Salomon’s life from Russian hit men hired by Standing.  Thor does meticulous and long-term research for all his thrillers and this just may reveal a whole lot more about real people than we’d like to believe.  Keep in mind my Word Warriorette motto – “Will Forward, You Decide.”  I hope you decide to read FULL BLACK.  Meanwhile, what do you think?  Is this a description of George Soros and why he does what he does or was Glenn Beck way off target? ▬ Donna Calvin

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by Brad Thor


Larry Salomon to Ralston

“Standing is a full-on sociopath. Nothing about him makes sense. Despite being born and raised Jewish, he’s a rabid anti-Semite. Despite being a billionaire many times over, he’s a vehement anticapitalist. Despite having benefitted greatly from everything America has done to empower the individual, he is a vocal proponent of social engineering and the redistribution of wealth.”

“One of the best descriptions of him I ever heard was that he was a malignant, messianic narcissist who, left unchecked, would bring about horrors beyond those performed by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot.”

“Standing is a globalist, And he definitely believes he can help usher in some sort of utopia, but there’s one final step that would have to be undertaken, and that’s the most frightening thing of all about him.”

“In an interview he gave on the sidelines of the economic forum in Davos,Switzerland. It was some small European paper and maybe he didn’t think it would get any pickup, but he allowed his mask to slip. In the twentieth century, he said, the world saw the loss of about 225 million people due to war, genocide, and disaster. According to him, the only way mankind can survive the twenty-first century is if the world population is cut by at least five billion. And that will only happen if every industrialized nation is forced into collapse, starting with the United States.”

According to James Standing, theUnited Statesis the only remaining obstacle to a just and stable world.

He believes that he can and should use any means necessary, to collapse theUnited States no matter what the cost.”

“The ends justify the means, Money can buy an entire political system.”

“He has a very clear vision as to what he wants to have happen toAmerica. He developed a very simple plan to bring it about.”

“He started by using his wealth to co-opt anyone who could have any impact on popular culture or public opinion. Newspapers, actors, journalists, publishers, politicians, business people, unions-you name it.  The idea was to be able to control the media, as well as any other voices Americans trusted.”

“They knew they needed to change the way Americans saw themselves. It’s ideological subversion, plain and simple. To get it to take hold, he needed to begin planting this new way of thinking in the most fertile minds they could get a hold of.”  Which means kids.

“Standing and the foundations aligned with him have been heavy contributors to educational endowments. It’s the golden rule. He who controls the gold controls the rules, or in this case, the curricula.”

“But it wasn’t enough to simply plant this new ideology. It had to grow without being challenged. Hence the disappearance   of civics classes and the portrayal of American history through the lens of imperialism and aggression. Instead of social studies, children were taught studies in social justice withAmericarepeatedly shown as the bad guy.”

“This has been going on for Decades.”

“The students subjected to Standing’s propaganda are now adults. They’re everywhere you look – business, the media, government, and teaching successive generations of kids in our schools.”

“They’re completely immune to anything that deviates from their ideological perception of reality and what they have been taught is the ‘real’ truth. The lens they look through life at, has forever been altered. It’s both terrifying and brilliant in its totality.”

“On top of indoctrinating kids, Standing wanted to get as many people dependent upon the government handouts as possible., handouts even for corporations, are like heroin. Most people, once they’re hooked, remain hooked and don’t even realize it. They rationalize that they’re entitled to the handouts.”  And the politicians are just as addicted, except they’re addicted to power, and to increase their power, they need to keep doling out more and more handouts. It doesn’t matter if we can’t afford the handouts. They’ll keep borrowing and printing money, running the country deeper into debt in order to keep the heroin flowing. It’s a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle.  In fact, one of the most apropos political observations I have ever read is that a democracy can exist only until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From the moment that realization takes hold, history shows that the majority of the people will always vote for the candidate promising the most goodies from the public treasury.  History also shows us that once a democracy goes down this road, things never end well. Each and every single time, the democracy collapses.  It always happens. It collapses over loose fiscal policy, and democracy is always followed by dictatorship”.

“When democracy collapses, fear, violence, and uncertainty fill the void. In essence, it’s chaos, and that’s what the dictator preys upon. The people are so terrified that they will agree to trade anything, even the most precious possession they have-their liberty-in exchange for a return to order. But when order is restored, freedom is never seen by those citizens again.”

“Historically, when democracies have collapsed it’s because they were already unstable to begin with, like us. Then, some sort of crisis, or a group of crises come together in such a way that they push the democracy over the brink. They can come in any form”

“So that’s Standing’s goal,” said Ralston. “But how does he intend to get there? How could he force America to collapse?”

“It’ll probably have something to do with the economy, right?  Some sort of new financial crisis?”

Salomon replied.  “Considering his expertise, that makes sense, but there are other possibilities. He’s stirred revolutions in other countries by creating crises of confidence in government. He’ll rig an election and then leak that the election was rigged. But even that might be too pedestrian when it comes to what he has planned for the United States. With his money and demented worldview, anything is possible”


James Standing’s interview with Julia Winston

“Recently you said you wanted to see a ‘managed decline’ of the dollar. Can you expound upon that remark? Julia asked.

“The dollar, due to the nation’s huge and rapidly expanding deficit, is not a very strong currency, and it has only grown weaker.

Normally, in times of crisis, we see flights to safety.  Investors seeking safe havens have historically turned to the U.S. dollar-

But it’s important to point out that investors no longer consider the dollar a safe haven. They are fleeing to hard assets, commodities. This demonstrates both a lack of confidence in the dollar, as well as a lack of confidence in currencies overall.” Standing replied.

“The system doesn’t work. It is broken and needs to be fundamentally transformed. The worldwide distribution of wealth is completely out of balance-a select few get richer while everyone else gets poorer. The only way to correct this is with a new currency system.”

“In the beginning, we would use a basket of currencies; special drawing rights, or SDRs, as they’re known. Those would give you the makings of a new currency system. And I would add, that the United States’ reluctance to consider this move only supports what the rest of the world already knows.

“The use of the SDRs could greatly benefit theUnited States, but there is an innate parochialism that exists inAmerica, a xenophobia that has been holding this country back for decades. We live in a global society now. Communications are global, corporations are global, trade is global, tourism is global, why not currency?” said Standing.

“Some would say that a global currency would put the world just one step away from a global government.” Winston answered.

The billionaire shrugged. ‘‘Who’s to say that’s a bad thing?”

“I’ll tell you a secret as long as you’ll agree it’s off the record.”

“The American people aren’t that bright. The entire nation is made up largely of idiots. As long as they have their McDonald’s and their sitcom television, they really don’t care what happens politically.”

“So back to a global currency,  America can no longer sit on the couch, resting on its status quo. We have always led the world, not lagged behind. America needs to progress into the future. It cannot stand still or, fall behind the other nations of the world. In the short run, there will be difficulties, but what matters is the long run “

“And if America says no?”  Asked Winston.

“The U.S.A. will become a nothing, a nobody. We need to realize that the good old days are not ahead of America anymore. They are behind us, and they  will continue to be, unless the United States climbs on board with the rest of the world”

“A new system has to be created. Part of that system involves shedding our ridiculous reliance on the dollar. America’s economy is pulling the rest of the world down.”

“I will tell you this,” offered the billionaire. ‘‘America must stop seeing itself as the center of the universe. It is not only unhealthy, it’s unrealistic.

“I have confidence that the American model, as we understand it, no longer works. And when something doesn’t work, what are your choices? You can either sit and wring your hands, or you can help guide people to something better.”


Salomon and Ralston

“So Standing manipulates America right up onto the ledge and then shoves.  He needs to be exposed “

“He needs is to be swinging from the end of a rope. That’s the price you pay for treason,” Ralston exclaimed.

“Not anymore,” Salomon said. “Not in today’sAmerica. We don’t try people for treason, much less put them to death for it. It’s looked upon as an archaic reaction to what should be handled, if at all, as a criminal matter.”

“If we began hanging traitors, we’d lose a good many of our politicians, business and union leaders, even teachers.”

“So who’s keeping a check on him?”


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