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Jonathon M. Seidl

If you visited one of 18 church websites hosted by the internet company R Leisure Enterprises last week, you would have gotten an eyeful. That’s because those churches — stationed across the country — were hacked by someone who posted messages touting Islam.

“It was unnerving, but I think also it was an indicator to me of the different world we live in,” Rev. Vinnie Dauer of Fallen Timbers Community Church in Waterville, OH told the Taledo Blade. He received a text message from a member at about 6:30 pm last Tuesday telling him someone had posted “Muslim propaganda” on the site.

“No one could walk into this church building and put up propaganda that’s contradictory to our belief system, but yet our Web site is a representation of who we are,” the Rev. added.

According to Ryan Leisure, who owns the web hosting company and is also a member of Fallen Timbers church, said the motive seems clear.

“It seemed like he was clearly trying to convert people. I don’t see how he could actually be successful with this, but he was talking about Christians converting to Islam,” he told the Blade.

The Blade explains what exactly the hacker, who identified himself as Mr. HAil, did to the sites:

The hacker deleted the church Web sites and replaced them with a photograph of Mecca, a few paragraphs about Islam, and a list of 12 other Web sites purportedly containing more information about the faith. The postings didn’t include any inflammatory language against Christians.

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