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Here are some updates, in case you missed any of this week’s shows:

To start the week off, Quinn & Rose talked about the Michelle Bachmann interview, by Chris Wallace.  Flat-out, he asked her if she was a “flake.”  He referenced that others have labeled her that way.  Bachmann handled it well, as she called him out, saying it’s insulting.  She claims to be a very serious person, and we agree.  She rattled off her list of credentials, with articulation and poise.

She’s 55 years old, married for 33 years.  Not only is she a lawyer, but has a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law.  She’s worked in US federal tax court, and she started a charter school for at-risk kids.  She’s active in her business, and understands job creation.  Not to mention, she has 5 kids, and has raised 23 foster children!  And she’s been a State Senator, and has been in the US Congress for 5 years.

Serious Presidential Candidate Michele Bachman terrifies the conceited and hateful left media.

As Rose pointed out, Bachmann is only a mere point away from Romney.  Romney has spent plenty of time and money on his name recognition.  Bachmann has only been around, and in the news for a little while.  But she’s right on Romney, because people love her bon-a-fide attitude.

Rose asks, “why doesn’t Chris Wallace ask if Joe Biden is a flake?”  Quinn & Rose played a collection of “Biden Gaffs,” that goes to show that Biden is undoubtedly… a flake.

Quinn played the audio, from when Clinton was in office, of Samantha Power on Israel.  It’s shocking, and appalling, and basically called for an invasion on Israel.

This week, Quinn read off the ever-truthful “Quick Start Guide to Quinn & Rose.”  You can find the list of Quinn laws here:

Another picture of Anthony Weiner!

And Weiner won’t go away…  Rose says his display of arrogance is beyond comprehension at this point.  He’s trying to insert himself back into politics, as he wants to play a role in choosing his successor!  Rose says he’s just wanting to be a political puppet master.  But, as Quinn points out, they’re redistricting this year.  So, most likely, Weiner’s old district will disappear.

Lady Gaga and David Letterman ogling her every obscene word, look and gesture! Disgusting!

Oh yes, Lady Gaga and Hillary Clinton were in the news this week.  Rose brought us the story of Hillary Clinton bragging about the State Department helping Lady Gaga, the very controversial singer, to attend a gay pride concert in Rome.  The State Department helping Lady Gaga, with your tax dollars.  And as Rose says:

– State Dept budget for fiscal year 2010…  $27.4 Billion
– Secretary of State Salary…  $186,600
– Lady Gaga’s expected earnings for 2011…  $100 Million

If this is pride, who wants it?

– The State Dept. using tax payer money to get Gaga together with Europe’s gay activists….  PRICELESS.

Please join Rose for some more upcoming appearances!

She’ll be local in Pittsburgh, on Friday, July 15th, for the “Running on Empty Tour,” with Americans for Prosperity.  It’s at noon, on Friday, July 15th, at Point Park, Downtown.

This year’s big tea party isn’t going to be in DC.  They’ve decided to move it to Kansas City, KS, for the Freedom Jamboree!  Speakers include Rose, CL Bryant, Michele Bachmann, David Horowitz, and even the Supremes!  Sept 28 thru Oct 1.  Extensive details can be found at .  It’s going to be awesome, and Rose can’t recommend it enough.

For details on all these appearances, click:

Make your fellow Conservative laugh with a “Sooo… How’s that Obama Thing Workin’ For Ya?” bumper sticker!  (Or, anger the Liberals. Both are encouraged).

Expect the stories to keep coming in!  Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.

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