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Watchwoman: Murdoch is rich and famous, but he owns Fox News and the liberals are out to destroy any dissenting voice.  The only freedom of speech should belong to them, right?  (So they act like that’s true).  No freedom of speech for God of the Christian and Jewish Bible, Who is the Creator of all and everything, and certainly not for the Holy Bible – The Word of God, certainly not to a rich conservative, and surely not to someone, an old woman of the common folk variety like me, or any conservative Christian like yourself.  We must keep our mouths shut and obey the liberal tyrants in charge!  Bow, your knees and kiss the rings and bangles of the liberals controlling our US government — and shut up and like it or be brought down to nothingness!  Pastor Ernie Sanders of Doers of the Word ( are in Washington, DC as I type this, praying in the name of Jesus on forbidden land where one is no longer allow to even whisper the name of Jesus Christ at Arlington Cemetery.  He and several other Christian, Bible-believing Pastors of Courage have traveled to D.C. to pray in the name of Jesus where the name of God and Jesus Christ are no longer allowed to be spoken any more, thanks to the Obama Administration.  Will they be arrested?  I don’t know.  But if they are, they may very well end up in Federal Prison for praying in the name of Jesus!  You may think America is free.  But your thinking is deluded.  The rose colored glasses are free.  Get them at a any government agency or any mainstream news media outlet.  ▬  Donna Calvin


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LONDON (AP) — A protester splattered Rupert Murdoch with white foam in a foil pie dish on Tuesday, interrupting a dramatic hearing in which the media baron told British lawmakers he was not responsible for a phone hacking scandal that has rocked his global empire.

Murdoch appeared by turns vague, truculent, sharp and concise as he spoke alongside his son and deputy, James, calling the parliamentary inquisition “the most humble day of my career” but refusing to take personal blame for the crisis that has swept from a tabloid newspaper through the top levels of Britain’s police and even to the prime minister’s office.

Murdoch, 80, said he was “shocked, appalled and ashamed” at the hacking of the phone of a murdered schoolgirl by his now-shuttered News of the World tabloid.

But he quibbled with a suggestion that criminality had been endemic at the tabloid and said he had seen no evidence that victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack and their relatives were targeted by any of his papers.

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