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Steyn: ‘Moral narcissism’ has finally caught up with ’08 ‘independent’ Obama voters

Published: 6:53 AM 07/29/2011 | Updated: 8:49 AM 07/29/2011

On Thursday the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press released a poll showing that President Barack Obama has suffered diminished support from independent voters.

On Hugh Hewitt nationally syndicated radio show Thursday, National Review columnist Mark Steyn observed these numbers and suggested that independent voters are realizing the consequences of their votes.

“I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the independents because I think in 2008, they thought they could afford their kind of moral narcissism,” Steyn said. “They voted for Obama to feel good about themselves. They ignored a lot of evidence as to what kind of guy he is and the world which he had been marinated his entire adult life. And they realize like a lot of people that they actually couldn’t afford the consequences of that vote. And I think the reality of that is still staring them in the face.”

Steyn added, however, that it’s time to look beyond that reality and on to the not-so-distant future as the debt ceiling debate continues in Washington, D.C.

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