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Friday, July 22, 2011
By Susan Jones

[All AP Photos are always removed due to royalty issues with AP] News Corporation head Rupert Murdoch arrives at his Fifth Avenue residence, Wednesday, July 20, 2011, in New York. Emerging relatively unscathed from a British parliamentary hearing on the phone hacking scandal, Murdoch faces a host of financial and legal challenges. (AP Photo/Louis Lanzano)

Rupert Murdoch, how the liberals, communists in the media, and Democrats view him

( – The liberal activist group says it is launching a campaign “to build unavoidable public pressure for full investigations” into Rupert Murdoch’s U.S. news outlets – including Fox News, a favorite target of liberals.

“Could this be the end of Rupert Murdoch and Fox News?” the group asked in a July 21 email message to supporters.

According to, “the key is to find out how far Fox and rest of Murdoch’s news outlets went here in the U.S.  If they’ve been as corrupt and criminal here as it looks like they’ve been in the U.K., then we might just see Murdoch’s media empire crumble.”

Fox News, with its “fair and balanced” slogan, is pegged as a conservative news outlet because it presents viewpoints overlooked or excluded by the liberal media and it employs conservative (as well as liberal) hosts and pundits.

An Obama White House staffer in 2009 described Fox News as “either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party.”  At that same time, the Obama White House tried to freeze Fox News out of an interview it granted to the other networks.

A liberal media watchdog group recently launched an all-out attack on Fox, hoping to get advertisers to stop running ads on the network. And liberal U.S. newspapers and television networks have given front-page/top story coverage to Murdoch and the British phone hacking scandal.

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