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Virginia Thomas at her husband's swearing in, Clarance Thomas, as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (Wikipedia)


Watchwoman: Today my DH and I were doing our pool walking listening to conservative talk radio when the local “mouth” came on so we switched the station looking for something more towards our interest.  Accidentally, we tuned into a station with a liberal talk show host from some other city who was ripping on Ginni Thomas and Sen. Jim DeMint.  Honestly, I didn’t know much about Ginni Thomas, but I felt I had to get to see this woman’s column at The Daily Caller < > because this liberal mouth was ripping on her and Jim DeMint so bad.  So thanks, libs, for the tip.  I like this woman, Ginni Thomas and I think you will too.  ▬ Donna Calvin



By Ginni Thomas
July 24, 2011

Sen. Jim DeMint has taken his share of punches in Washington — including some from his own side of the aisle — but his constituents have become accustomed to seeing him standing tall. The U.S. Senate is a club designed to encourage chummy collegiality, but DeMint successfully operates by his own set of rules. Anyone who has ever been shunned, punished, or even ignored by friends and colleagues for taking a principled stand should identify with this unapologetic South Carolinian.

DeMint’s latest book, “The Great American Awakening,” is flush with personal examples of being an outsider in an institution built for insiders.

National Journal rates DeMint the #1 conservative in the Senate. He sees his left-wing colleagues fundamentally transforming the nature of our government far beyond what our founders would recognize as acceptable. And time is running out, he says, before big-government European socialism swallows our liberty and prosperity.

Through his novel Senate Conservative Fund PAC, DeMint “rocked the boat” by helping to bring to Washington five fresh-voiced conservatives whom the Republican establishment was not helping: Marco Rubio of Florida, Mike Lee of Utah, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

DeMint recalls D.C. insiders telling him that Republican principles aren’t as important as Republican numbers. His answer, always delivered respectfully, is that principled candidates often bring new numbers along with them.

Sen. DeMint sees the Tea Party movement as a sort of spiritual revival, a re-awakening of the American conscience, which both inspires him and confirms his instincts.

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Excerpt About Ginni Thomas from Wikipedia:
Virginia “Ginni” Lamp Thomas (born February 23, 1957) is an American attorney who is the founder and president of an advocacy group associated with the Tea partyLiberty Central; and the head of Liberty Consulting, Inc. Thomas previously worked at The Heritage Foundation. She is the wife of U. S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.    2009-present – In late 2009, Thomas started a nonprofit Tea Party-affiliated lobbying group, Liberty Central, to organize conservative activists, issue score cards for Congress members, and be involved in elections.[25] The group is aimed at opposing what Thomas has called the leftist “tyranny” of PresidentBarack Obama and Congressional Democrats and “protecting the core founding principles” of the nation.[26] Thomas was interviewed by Sean Hannity on his Fox News show Hannity in June 2010. When asked about potential conflicts between her Liberty Central activities and her husband’s position, Thomas replied, “there’s a lot of judicial wives and husbands out there causing trouble. I’m just one of many.”[27]  In February 2011, Politico reported that Thomas was the head of a new company, Liberty Consulting, Inc., which filed incorporation papers in mid-November 2010. The company’s website states that clients can use Thomas’s “experience and connections” to help “with “governmental affairs efforts” and political donation strategies.[28]
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