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Watchwoman:  If you want to see what sodomite pride looks like, and believe me, this video, though obscene is a heavily censored video, that I posted yesterday at  I have video tapes from other sodomite pride parades of even more evil perverts that march in these parades, exposing their genitals and breasts, plus having same-sex sex live on a float, marching with young children in the pervert’s parade, with sodomites dressed as Jesus Christ, nuns, priests, and the Virgin Mary.  Although I have a warning for evil and obscene content for the video at, and if you think that normalization of sodomy is not a good idea, but you wonder why still, please go see the video I posted yesterday at .  The video is disgusting enough to wonder why Hillary, Obama and most all the Democrats want to normalize sodomite sex and why the governor of New York signed the bill to normalize sodomite same-sex marriage that God strictly forbids.  ▬ Donna Calvin

Never forget The Gay Manifesto!








John Piper Laments Normalization of Homosexuality as ‘the New Calamity’

Amid ongoing “gay pride” celebrations and the continual push for gay marriage across the states, influential evangelical John Piper wants to put it all in perspective for the church.

“My sense is that we do not realize what a calamity is happening around us,” Piper, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, wrote in a commentary on Thursday. “Christians, more clearly than others, can see the tidal wave of pain that is on the way. Sin carries in it its own misery.”

It’s been nearly a week now since marriage for gay and lesbian couples was legalized in New York and since hundreds of thousands of Americans celebrated homosexuality with gay pride parades, not only in New York but also in Piper’s home state of Minnesota.

Homosexuality and its celebration are nothing new, the Reformed pastor clarified.

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