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Watchwoman: Now don’t blame me, I didn’t say it, but my DH, when I read the headline aloud without a second’s pause immediately declared, “Well, that does it!  I’m not eating another CRESCENT  roll.”

ROFLOL!  That’s why I married the guy.  He’s as funny as a burka at the Driver’s License Bureau!

Speaking of burkas, yesterday he delivered to me his opinion of why the Muslim men force their womenfolk to wear them is because…and I quote…“no one can see the bruises inflicted by the Muslim wife beaters.”  unquote.  Again, I didn’t say it, he did…so don’t blame the woman, Mr. Adam in the garden.

He also speculated about the alerting the Islamic Imans about the idea of the prohibition of eggs in Muslim lands now too since they consist of 3 in 1, shell, white, and yolk and often used in children’s Sunday School Classes as a way of explaining the Holy Trinity to Christian youngsters.  

Now please continue to read about the Muslim Food Police!  ▬  Donna Calvin


An Islamist militant group in Somalia is banning a typical fried South Asian snack, calling it “offensive” and too Christian.

The snack under scrutiny: samosas.

Somalia’s al-Shabaab group announced its ruling last week against the three-pointed pastry pouches traditionally filled with minced meat or vegetables. The Daily Mail reports that islamist militants may have taken offense to the supposed semblence between the food’s shape and the symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity.

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