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It will inspire you and give you hope like you haven’t had hope before!


Joel Rosenberg, well-known and respected Christian author, frequent guest on many TV news shows, is the host of an inspirational and informative video to explain why Jesus is RIGHT and Mohammed is WRONG, featuring Father Zakaria Bostros, who has 50 million listeners daily on his 90 minute program.  He’s reaching millions in the Muslim world and converting them to Christ with God’s Word from the Holy Bible with the Holy Spirit of God wooing them and working in their hearts.  In the video we learn that there are…

  • 100,000 Christians in Saudia Arabia (something you’ll never hear on the lamestream news)
  • 2½ million Christians in Pakistan (something you’ll never hear on the lamestream news)
  • 2½ million Christians in Egypt (something you’ll never hear on the lamestream news)
  • 5 million Christians in Sudan (something you’ll never hear on the lamestream news)

My dear reader, please click below on the center arrow of the video to hear Father Zakaria Bostros, because he preaches what most all the preachers heard in the free world, including America, would be terrified and too cowardly to say — THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!  Hear him on this video in what is referred to as “The Air War” speaking the truth in love and with enthusiasm because of his apparent EXTREME LOVE FOR JESUS CHRIST.

Joel Rosenberg explains how preaching Jesus Christ is costing this Coptic preacher.  He’s been exiled from his homeland, Egypt.  There’s a $60 million bounty on the head of Father Zakaria Bostros.  To compare, the USA put a $25 million bounty on Osama Bin Laden.  Hear his bold preaching and also see what he thinks about being a wanted man for preaching Jesus Christ!!!

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