Watchwoman on the Wall

This story got me hankerin' for some of these things!

A few of my favorite things: Going on a Shopping Spree in a dirty housedress and Flip Flops!

Today I was the Dollar Store across from where I live. While walking through the candy isle and loading up on cheap movie theater munchies, I came across a large version of those delightful little wiggle “Gummy Worms”! These guys are called “Artificially Flavored Gummy Snakes”! Now I cannot let a statement on a package like that get by without my questioning the truth in the advertising on the claim of “Artificially Flavored”. So I asked the cashier if the “Artificially Flavored Gummy Snakes” actually tasted like real snakes? Why not!


(Thanks, bro-in-law.  This was truly funny.  I laughed out loud and I laughed again when I read it again to post here!)

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