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Gary Bauer

Gary Bauer is the President of a conservative, Christian, pro-life organization.  

He wrote in his American Values Email Newsletter on Tuesday, July 19, 2011:


News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch and his son testified before the British Parliament today about the phone hacking scandal that has gripped the media’s attention. It goes without saying that the hacking of phones of celebrities, politicians and at least one murder victim is despicable and unacceptable. The hacks were allegedly carried out by individuals at the News of the World, one of Murdoch’s newspapers.

Ten people have been arrested, including two News Corporation executives. Two of London’s top police officials have resigned. To his credit, Murdoch has met with the parents of the murdered girl and apologized profusely.

So far this scandal is limited to one Murdoch paper in Britain. But at the urging of liberal organizations and some politicians in Congress, the FBI is investigating whether any 9/11 victims were subjects of the phone hacking scandal.

Having said that, it is clear what is going on now. Every left-wing media outlet, organization and politician in Europe and the United States is salivating at the prospect of bringing down Murdoch, who has singlehandedly broken the left’s near-monopoly on the delivery of news. The left can’t stand Murdoch’s success. He provided forums that reflected and represented the normal conservative instincts of millions of people who previously had few outlets to get their news. The left can’t stand the competition from Fox News, the one network that does not toe the liberal line.

The media’s hypocrisy is also obvious. While the left is up in arms over this hacking scandal, it has welcomed others. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens compares the News of the World case to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Stephens asks, “Both, in short, are despicable instances of journalistic malpractice… So why is one a scandal, replete with arrests, resignations and parliamentary inquests, while the other is merely a controversy, with Mr. Assange’s name mooted in some quarters for a Nobel Peace Prize?”

WikiLeaks and Assange were eagerly embraced by the left, even though people’s lives and national security have been put at risk. Left-wing British papers and the New York Times loved WikiLeaks because it undermined America, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, made it more difficult for our foreign policy to succeed and weakened our role in the world. That, as Stephens argues, was in the public interest — as defined by the left.

In contrast, Britain’s hacking scandal is described as a crime against humanity because it offers the left a chance to promote its own interests — namely destroying the major media voice of center-right ideas. It is telling that after each terrorist attack, the left is quick to give jihadists the benefit of the doubt. But Rupert Murdoch and Fox News have already been convicted by the left-wing media.



About: American Values is deeply committed to the defense of all human life against the assaults of the culture of death. Our goal is to help build and sustain a culture where life is protected and promoted from conception until natural death.At American Values, we feel the right to life is just as fundamental to who we are as a civilized people as was the question of slavery. We fought a brutal civil war largely over whether or not some men and women could be considered property. The answer then, regrettably, was not so obvious to some. The question of whether or not some children should even be allowed to live is just as fundamental and the answer just as obvious. We believe the sanctity of life for all our unborn children and our elderly and disabled will be the greatest civil rights issue of the century. How we deal with these issues is fundamental to our future as a civilized society.There are some serious concerns about the future, however. Despite advances in ultrasound and other medical technology that increasingly reveal the humanity and viability of unborn babies – even at the earliest stages – anti-life activists continue their unceasing campaign to reaffirm the right to murder under the euphemisms of choice and privacy.

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