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Lost your job? Don't worry, be happy! Commie-Obamie has rolled up his sleeves!

Watchwoman – U.S. economy added only 18,000 jobs in June, much worse than expected. Jobless rate up to 9.2%.  So, guess what! Obama says he’s finally going to roll up his sleeves and get to work. Why he’s even cancelling his umpteenth vacation! My question is, so why didn’t he do anything before? Didn’t he take it seriously? Well, that’s a rhetorical question anyway. If he truly wanted to do something about this recession, he’d lower the income tax rates — like President Ronald Reagan did instead of raising them — Obama and his tax-and-spend redistribution-of-wealth-party — yep, they have a party on what they steal from us taxpayers and it’s called the Democrat Party.  Democrats continually are finding ways to raise taxes and to invent new fees and charges breaking us people and emptying our wallets into their overflowing pockets! It’s one big tax-and-spend-free-for-all in DC for the Democrats a.k.a. the Democratic Socialist Party of Communist Amerika. So, hows that socialism thing working out for ya? Like Commie/ObamieCare? Have you lost your job yet under CommieObamie? Your Pink Slip may already be signed, sealed, and put inside your next pay envelope. That is so Democratic! Equal Unemployment Opportunity for ALL!

Watchwoman Question?  If the Democrats and Obama really wanted to destroy America, what would they be doing any different from what they’ve already done?

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