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See follow up story: “Norway Nutcase. Blond & white, must be radical, right-wing Christian terrorist?”

CNN reports: A person dressed up as a policeman has fired shots at the Labour Party Youth Camp, injuring several people, Norwegian state broadcaster NRK reports. There are about 700 people at the camp, NRK says.  Word of the attack comes after a giant explosion rocked government buildings in Oslo, Norway. NRK reported that at least two people were confirmed dead.  Several buildings are badly damaged, witnesses say, and the city is reeling. The cause of the blast remains unknown, and no one has claimed responsibility.

UPDATE #1 – added at 11 PM ET 7/22/11 – CNN reports: A 32-year-old Norwegian man is in custody, officials said, after two attacks earlier in the day that killed at least 17 people — attacks police said are linked.  The first attack occurred when a massive bomb erupted in the heart of Oslo; the second occurred at the ruling Labour Party’s youth camp on an island outside the capital.  At least seven people were killed in Oslo, and 10 were killed on Utoya Island, officials said. A Labour Party member said panic broke out at the camp, with people climbing trees and jumping in a lake to avoid the gunfire.  The acting national police chief said the gun used was an automatic weapon and that undetonated explosives were found on the island after the attack.

UPDATE #2 – added 11 PM 7/22/11 – CNN reports: At least 80 people were killed in a shooting rampage Friday at the ruling Labour Party’s youth camp on Utoya Island, police in Norway said Saturday. The rampage followed a massive bombing in the heart of Oslo that killed at least seven people.  Police said the two attacks are linked, and a Norwegian man is in custody.

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