Watchwoman on the Wall

By Donna Calvin

I’ve been sick with lung congestion and coughing since June 5th.  My husband and I both got sick the same day within a few hours of each other so apparently we were both exposed at the same source.

One night I woke up and it sounded like 20 snow plows were outside in my driveway only it’s June and there’s no snow to plow, then it stopped. How odd!  Then it started, and stopped again, repeating again and again.  I realized that it was my breathing making this loud noise!

The illness started out with me feeling bubbles popping in my airways down to my lungs, then gradually moved down from there down the right side of the lining of my lungs, across the bottom of my lungs, and up the left side just around the outside of my lungs.  I could feel and hear the bubbles popping as the thing progressed along.

My husband got well after a week or so, but every time I started to feel a little better, I’d get worse shortly thereafter.  I had no energy to move and couldn’t stay awake for longer than an hour or so and then I’d fall back asleep.

He’s certainly not 100% either, not even yet, but he’s way ahead of where I’m at today.  Fortunately, for my sake, he was able to “nurse” me along.

We had no Father’s Day celebration or even get together.  I was still too sick.

I had this back in early April but I managed to overcome it and sort of stay on my feet, but this second bout really got me down.  Our long-time pharmacist recommended Mucinex and Chlor-Trimeton (chlorpheniramine) which we took religiously along with several other concoctions that included NyQuil, Cough Syrup (suppressant and expectorant) and Allerest (which just became OTC).  (Not all at once, but half the time I felt so drugged that I wasn’t sure if I weren’t just on the verge of hallucinating.  Not from fever.  I don’t think I ever got a serious one.  Never felt that hot.  Never got those serious chills that come on before a fever either.)

I know you’ll all think I’m a nutcase for not going to the doctor, but honestly, I couldn’t.  I was just too sick to walk the distance it was to get from the car to his office and I have no idea how I’d ever have gotten myself in any condition to be presentable to appear in public.  My hair is still in strings.  It needs shampooing as bad as a dog that’s been skunked!

For all of you that have left comments at Watchwoman on the Wall blog, I thank you (well, at least the ones who were nice).  I get more than my fair share of those who don’t like what I write, the liberals, the Christian-haters, the communists, the sodomites, the Democrats, et. al.  I’ve not been able to read any of them yet, so I have no idea who has written what.  I know this, that the Christian haters have a way with cuss words and filthy language that would turn the ears of a pig red!  You don’t get to read those, they are automatically deleted by a Beliefnet spaminator program.

Today, so far, all I’ve done is try to weed my way through almost 4000 emails in my inboxes.  Needless to say, I’ve had to do some en masse deleting so if I somehow deleted that one ultra-important message you sent me and didn’t respond to it, please forgive me.  I’m only human and feeling only ¾ of the way towards human as I type this.  Although, I may not, in fact, actually have deleted it.  I’ve put several hundred emails into special folders by priority and will be going through them over the next several days.  So don’t panic yet if I haven’t responded.  Give me some time and then if you don’t hear, resend it.

For those of you who know me for years and years and know I post daily and you knew that something must be wrong and were praying for me, thank you so much.  I’m sorry I was too sick too let you know anything of my progress, which was slow and arduous at best.

For those of you who hate me and was praying to Satan or some other demon you call a god, I’m not worried, for you see, all of those prayers and horrible things you wished on me will not take rest upon me, they are useless.  If you had read God’s Word, the Holy Bible, you’d have known that.

Proverbs 26:2 KJV
As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.

That’s the great thing about being a Christian.  We are released from unnecessary fears of Satan and his minions, in the spiritual realm or the world we can see, hear, feel and smell.  We have no fear of the future, no fear of death, and no fear of evildoers.  We are conquers in Christ!  Amen?  Amen!

This great gift and releasing attitude was recently expressed by Trevor Bane, a young man in his early 20’s, a rookie NASCAR driver who won Daytona quite unexpectedly and through a series of fortunate happenings on this behalf.  Daytona is the granddaddy of NASCAR races.  Shortly thereafter he was hospitalized with an undiagnosed disease, causing him double vision and deadly sickness.  He was racing on a shoestring, being a newbie to the Sprint Cup Division of NASCAR, without any sponsors in spite of having won Daytona.  From his hospital bed, he proclaimed that God had something better for him intended.  Obviously, that’s a Christian attitude.  That kind of optimistic attitude is only afforded to believers in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.  We are privileged to be so inundated with optimism.  Just to let you know, my son saw Trevor Bane at Michigan Raceway this past week and he told him they think it was a tick that bit him near his elbow that caused his malady.  Good news, he’s back on the raceway again and placed 5th in the Nationwide Race that took place Saturday.  BTW, my son brought me home an autographed picture of Jimmy Johnson.  He’s my favorite driver.  Sorry to all the Dale Earnhardt fans.  BTW, on the all-time highest paid millionaires of sport’s figures that includes earnings from all their sources like endorsements, etc., while LaBron came in #1 at $72 million, Dale Earnhardt is 17th.  (Go Dale!)  And NASCAR gets more attendees at one sporting event regularly than the Superbowl.  There’s a lot of us out here who enjoy the National Anthem being sung by singers who don’t try to supe it up, a fly over by the military planes and a preacherman praying in the name of Jesus Christ that NASCAR does before every race!

Non-believers don’t understand us.  For example, I have an on-line friend who is not a believer.  He thinks I am way too serious.  I may not be the funniest person he knows, but I have joy unspeakable and am full of glory unknown to any unbeliever.

1 Peter 1:8 KJV
Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not,
yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory:

In fact, that is why we Christians bring the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to you.  We simply want to share the JOY!

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