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WATCHWOMAN COMMENT: I got this message from my good friend Liz who is always on the watch for the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  She is one of my long-time Internet friends and alerts me to so many worth-while items about the Church — especially the false church, you know, the “synagogue of Satan” that Jesus referred to!  It isn’t only false Jews who attend the “synagogue of Satan,” many Christians are mislead into so-called Christian “synagogues of Satan.”  God bless you, Liz, for forwarding me this and God be with Dr. Jack Van Impe for NOT compromising the True Faith of Jesus Christ on this fundamental point!  Glory be to God for stalwarts!  Amen?  Amen!  No compromise — not ever!!!  May God be glorified and truth preserved! Amen and Hallelujah!   You may not agree with Van Impe on other points of doctrine, but on this, you, if you are a genuine Christian, cannot disagree!  I have added to Liz’s email an additional comment, a quote by Dr. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a man whose faith is unquestionable!  ▬ Donna Calvin

Here’s another person’s comment that should be included in this item…”Dr. Warren has ignored the advice of men like Charles Spurgeon who warned, “The devil’s biggest lie is that we can win souls with entertainment”.  One of the problems facing churches that have gone Purpose Driven is that when the “old pillars” left, the remaining younger attendance provides little or no financial support and the church ministry suffers or ends.”
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“Dr. Warren has said that the five basic fundamentals of the Christian faith are too narrow and that fundamentalists are the biggest enemies we have and we need to bring the Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, and all religions together

Dr. Jack Van Impe Ministry Abandons TBN In Clash Over “Chrislam” – Book Published By Tom Horn At The Center Of The Controversy
The dispute arose over the issue of advocating for “Chrislam” and other efforts that are designed to find “common ground” between Christians and Muslims. TBN censored one of Van Impe’s programs that contained sharp criticisms of leaders such as Rick Warren of “The Purpose Driven Life” fame. In a statement from Van Impe Ministriesyesterday, Executive Director Ken Vancil said his organization rejected an effort by TBN to reinstate the programming and would work to develop alternative broadcast outlets where they were needed. The dispute erupted just last week, when Van Impe’s ministry planned to air sharp criticism of Christians who say they want to “reach out” byincorporating beliefs or practices of Islam into their Christian organizations. At the center of the controversy is a book Van Impe is offering in connection with the broadcasts. Released this week, “The Dark Side Of The Purpose Driven Church” was written by Dr. Noah Hutchings and published by Thomas Horn, CEO of Defender…





“Dr. Warren has said
that the five basic
fundamentals of the
Christian faith are too narrow and that fundamentalists are the
biggest enemies we have
and we need to bring the
Protestants, Catholics,
Muslims, and all
religions together…


The Van Impe Program That Was Censored
By One-World Church Advocates At TBN


Flashback: Rick Warren Offers Inaugural Prayer Over President Obama In The Name Of Isa – The Muslim Christ
The word Jesus was spoken but where was Christ? Though he didn’t miss including the name of the demonic anti-Christian deity Isa, did anyone else notice that during his prayer Warren did not invoke the Messianic title of “Christ?” There is only one “Christ” and these days without specificity the name Jesus could just as easily refer to countless Hispanic kids with the same name. Though he’ll probably never comment, one has to wonder about Warren ‘s inclusion of Isa and exclusion of Christ. They both make sense if you’re looking for finely tuned political correctness with a twist of veiled one-world religion. Does Dr. Warren not know about Isa? If he truly doesn’t then shame on him. Rick Warren accepted the false premise that Jehovah and Allah are the same deity when he joined in signing “Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to a Common Word Between us and You” with a number of ill-advised liberals, heretics and pseudo-evangelicals atYale University in 2007. Supposing that Jehovah and Allah are one is certainly the affirmation of a form of limited universalism at best.

Was This Because Rick Warren Knows Obama Is The Harbinger Of The Muslim Christ’s Coming?
A Hadith (tradition) sacred to Shiite Islam from the 17th century contains a prophecy from Ali ibn Abi-Talib, which predicts that just before the return of the Mahdi (the end-times redeemer of Islam), a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” This leader will command “the strongest army on earth” and will bear “a clear sign” from the third imam, Hussein. The prophecy concludes that: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.” Does this Islamic prophecy identify Obama as the “promised warrior” who comes to help the savior of Shiite Muslims conquer the world? Amir Taheri asked this very question for Forbes Magazine in October, 2008, pointing out how “Obama’s…



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