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The Damnable Heresy of Chrislam

JUNE 25, 2011 BY  BIRN

There has been a lot of news lately about growing ties between various Christian churches and the Muslim faith. Tomorrow more than a few liberal churches are going to actually read the Quran in a positive light in Church services. It is of course being organized by a group with Soros ties. Earlier in the week evangelical preacher Jack Van Impe left Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) because they refused to air a show in which he criticized Rick Warren for supporting Chrislam. I’m no fan of Van Impe generally but he’s spot on in opposing growing ties between the Christian faith and the Muslim faith.

Paul Crouch, TBN'$ "holy man"

Jan Crouch of TBN

Pretend Christian Preacher Rick Warren

It should disturb Christians when the church and church leaders want to increase ties between our faith and any other religious faith. This is true whether we’re talking about Jews, Muslims, Hindus or Earth worshipers. It isn’t a matter of hating those other religions or being cold to those who believe in them. It isn’t even a matter of being opposed to intellectual curiosity about those religions. I couldn’t care less if Christians want to learn about other religions, in fact I wholeheartedly support understanding other religions because it will help us convert their believers. However, what’s going on in these liberal churches and in Warren type churches isn’t intellectual curiosity, it goes well beyond that.

There is a worldwide effort to bring together the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith into one religion. This is largely the playground of American and western Marxists who really want to see religion destroyed. Separate Christians from their historical faith and eventually the left knows they’ll be able to kill off the whole religion. (Absent divine protection, which of course Marxists don’t take into account) The progressive left has been successful at separating Americans from the founding of this country, it should come as no surprise that these people want to do the same thing to the Christian church.

Like it or not, the Christian and Muslim faiths are not the same. They do not worship the same God and they do not have the same origins. Islam may use portions of the Bible in the Quran but it was created 700 years after Christ. The portions of the Quran not found in the Bible have almost nothing in common with Christian scripture. This is the opposite of the New Testament and the Old Testament, wherein the New directly fulfills what the Old Testament, Jewish scriptures prophesy. That Christians would even pretend that the Islamic faith is similar is absurd.

But these leftists take it one step further. They don’t just claim similarity, they want to bring two opposite religions together to form one faith. Part of the problem is that many of these churches have already moved far left and have rejected the Christian faith. If there are any believers left in their pews, they need to get out before Islam is preached from the pulpit. Christians cannot worship both God and Mammon. We either worship Christ or we don’t. If we worship or hold up other books as equal with God’s Holy Bible, then we don’t worship Christ and cannot call ourselves Christians. These leftist churches essentially no longer worship the God of scripture.

Rick Warren is an influential pastor, even in the conservative evangelical community. It is clear this man is not a believer. He has for quite some time dumbed down the Christian faith in order to get hoards of people into his churches. Sadly his support for Chrislam exposes what he’s really here for. He is leading millions astray by rejecting the Christian faith. He’s dumbed down his churches to the point where the people there do not know proper Christian doctrine from heresy. Now he’s introducing Islam into his church and the people support it without knowing any better. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This isn’t a matter of hating Muslims or desiring violence against them. (the accusations of violence have always been absurd and not based on fact) It is a matter of protecting the Christian church from false doctrine. It’s a matter of protecting Christians from being led to a false religion. To be perfectly honest, Islam has very little to do with this issue. We could just as easily be talking about the Jewish faith, holding Sader’s in church or eating Kosher. The issue is protecting the Christian church from doctrinal error and protecting believers from doctrines not found in Christian scriptures. Religious pluralism leads to Hell and we in the church need to protect ourselves and our churches from the damnable heresy of Chrislam.



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