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Here are some updates, in case you missed any of this week’s shows:

Presidential Candidates were the talk of the week, yet again!

So far, we know:

Tim Pawlenty – IN
Mitt Romney – IN
Mitch Daniels – OUT
Mike Huckabee – OUT
Donald Trump – OUT
Ron Paul – IN
Newt Gingrich – IN

Rick Santorum touched base with Rose, as he plans to make his announcement for candidacy on Monday, June 6th.

In the back of lots of people’s mind is the probing question of “will Sarah Palin run for President?”  She was in the news this week, as she’s been doing a nationwide bus tour, stopping in New Hampshire first, and to other historical sites.  It’s more of a “raising awareness tour,” than a “campaign tour,” despite what naysayers are saying.  And boy does she have a following of naysayers!

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann hasn’t made her official announcement for her run for President yet.  However, Quinn & Rose have nothing but praise for her.  Unlike Palin, she’s had experience in handling the media.  Palin didn’t have that experience when she first came on the ticket with McCain, and it showed.  The Katie Couric interview was the start of the constant bashing of Sarah Palin.  Michele Bachmann is polished.  And if the media does to her what they did to Palin, she’s had the experience and wherewithal to handle the bashing.  It’s all so exciting as we watch it all unfold.

And we can’t forget about the Congressman from NY, Anthony Weiner.  The Democrat from NY was in the news this week for some infidelities.  He was caught sending a nearly explicit picture of himself, and we’ll just say, it was lewd.  The recipient?  A 21 year old, female college student.  Weiner was going back and forth all week with reporters, and we’ll admit, it was fun to watch.

At first, he claimed that someone hacked his Twitter account.  He shortly changed his story to it being a prank.  No one is on this guy’s side, including the Democrats.  He just can’t escape this one.  (Please insert your own jokes).

Please join Rose for some more upcoming appearances!

This year’s big tea party isn’t going to be in DC.  They’ve decided to move it to Kansas City, KS, for the Freedom Jamboree!  Speakers include Rose, CL Bryant, Michele Bachmann, David Horowitz, and even the Supremes!  Sept 28 thru Oct 1.  Extensive details can be found at  It’s going to be awesome, and Rose can’t recommend it enough.

For details on all these appearances, click:

Make your fellow Conservative, that’s stuck in traffic with you, laugh with an “SOL” bumper sticker!  (Or, anger the Liberals. Both are encouraged).

Expect the stories to keep coming in!  Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.  We have another Quinn & Rose Best Of on Tuesday, June 7th!  And we mean the BEST!

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