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Media Attacks Conservative Women and Blacks

JUNE 29, 2011 BY  2 COMMENTS

Michele Backman, the latest target for the communist left media

The media sharks are out on the prowl against another conservative woman. Having relentlessly attacked Sarah Palin for two years the media is now focusing on Michelle Bachmann. The left has long feared a Palin candidacy because they know she can win, likely taking with her a good portion of women who would otherwise vote for the Democrat candidate. Having disposed of Palin (for the time being), now they’re concerned about Bachmann, who has the potential to do the same thing.

Mrs. Bachmann screwed up the birthplace of John Wayne citing Waterloo Iowa as his birthplace. Waterloo is the birthplace of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. For that the media believes she’s a moron. Of course, everyone in the media knows the birthplace of Wayne and Gacy off the top of their heads. It’s fairly clear that Bachmann’s staff screwed up and fed her the wrong information. But that doesn’t matter, the narrative is that she’s a moron. Interestingly when candidate Obama said he had been to 57 states, the media ignored it or chalked it up to a misspeak. The media never does that for Republicans and certainly not for conservative women.

Chris Wallace of Fox News asked Mrs. Bachmann if she was a flake last Sunday. Proof positive that Fox News isn’t a conservative or Republican news outlet. Can you imagine a journalist asking that question of any Democrat, much less a female Democrat? Bachmann’s answer was excellent, she noted the insulting nature of the question and then declared herself a serious candidate. But the media narrative is clear, they’re going to paint her as a flake, a nut and a moron because they fear a conservative woman winning the GOP nomination.

The media attacks aren’t limited to conservative women. They’re also aimed at conservative blacks. Liberal darling Jon Stewart savagely attacked GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain using an Amos and

Herman Cain, would anyone have dared do Obama as "Amos and Andy"

Andy voice. (as a side note I inherited my grandmother’s record collection which includes a record of Amos and Andy titled “Is you is or is you ain’t a Republican.” They’re discussing the 1924 election and decide to vote for conservative Republican Calvin Coolidge) The media response was near silence. Can you imagine the media response to a conservative mocking Obama with an Amos and Andy voice or in some other racially insensitive manner? The rage on the left would be uncontrollable yet when a white liberal attacks a black conservative in the same manner there is silence. Their silence is approval.

Liberal media attacks on white, male candidates during this primary season have almost been non existent. All of the candidates have made mistakes on the campaign trail, yet the media isn’t interested in the white men who make mistakes. They’re only interested in the women and the blacks who make mistakes. Why?

If this were the general election you can bet the left-wing mainstream press would mercilessly attack a white male Republican, as we have seen over and over again through the years. But during the primary the media views itself as a gatekeeper. Christiane Amanpour lamented after Bush was nominated in 2000 ‘how did we (the media) let this man get nominated.’ The media views itself as a gatekeeper for the Democrats. In 2012 the worst thing that can happen is that a woman or a black man gets the GOP nomination. Why? Because a woman will syphon off female voters from Obama and a black candidate will syphon off black voters. Obama cannot afford to lose 10% of women or 20% of blacks if he wants to win re-election.

Sarah Palin, the target of another "she's so stupid" joke every night on Jay Leno

The media is responding as we would expect them to do. They’re savagely attacking both women who have a shot at the nomination: Bachmann and Palin. They’re ignoring racist attacks lobbed at Herman Cain. Meanwhile they’re not reporting on any gaffes, inconsistencies or outright lies from any of the white men running. They’re saving those attacks for next fall. The left needs to kill off the women and the black guy now so that they can’t threaten Obama in in November 2012. Equality only matters if you’re a liberal. If you’re a conservative equality of sex and race doesn’t apply.



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