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House Republicans have engineered the defeat of their own proposed $2.4 trillion increase in the debt limit, a political gambit designed to reinforce a demand for spending cuts to accompany any future increase in government borrowing.

The vote Tuesday was 97-318, far below the two-thirds majority needed for passage.

Republicans signaled well in advance that the debt limit vote was political theater and did not portend a final refusal to grant an increase.

Democrats criticized the GOP for playing political games with the nation’s credit rating. (Fox News) Readmore.

– Offer praise that Congress is drawing a line in the sand against an increase of our debt ceiling. We all know that this nation cannot afford to keep “throwing money out the window,” but that, instead, it is time to take a prudent and sober view of our financial state. Pray that the Senate will follow the lead of the Congress and that, in time, the president too will see the light and pass a bill more in line with reality. Pray!

– Re: the debt: “This far and no further, and here shall your proud waves be stopped.” (Job 38:11)

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