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George Soros, the billionaire liberal, Barack Obama and other extreme leftists, have begun an all-out assault on free speech in America. Their goal is nothing short of having every conservative voice silenced whether they are on radio, television, or even the internet. Millions of dollars are being spent on this campaign – a campaign that is anti-American in its attempt to eliminate the exchange of ideas. We must fight against Leftist Billionaire George Soros and other liberals who are trying to eliminate free speech in America.

We’ll get to Soros in a moment. But, we have to look no further than the United States Congress and the Oval Office to see that the Left is foaming at the mouth for just the right time to limit free speech.

You are of course familiar with the Fairness Doctrine and it is none other than Representative Jim Clyburn(D-SC), one of the most liberal members of Congress and most powerful Democrats, who just recently stated that he is in favor of this legislation which is nothing short of an assault on free speech. With regards to the Arizona shooting, Clyburn told the Charleston Post and Courier, “The shooting is cause for the country to rethink parameters on free speech”.

Here is an outspoken member of the liberal elite who has told us exactly what the playbook is for the Left. They are losing badly in the arena of ideas…so they must thwart the ideas themselves. That is exactly what the Fairness Doctrine Clyburn mentions is all about. Should the Fairness Doctrine make it into law, then say “good-bye” to the many hallmark programs of conservatism that exist today on the radio, television, and the internet!

If the GOP were to lose control of the House in 2012, then the Fairness Doctrine could be reintroduced and quickly passed, with President Obama signing the legislation into law. The GOP currently controls the House by 242-193. In other words if a net 25 GOP Congressmen lose their seats next year, then we can look forward to the Fairness Doctrine being reintroduced and eventually passed into law.

“Not possible”, you say. Unfortunately, due to redistricting, Republicans may find maintaining their overall number of seats to be challenging, let alone increasing their majority, with potential losses of seats in, among other states, California and Illinois.

However, the Left may not even have to wait until next November. Not if President Obama has his way.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, President Obama is considering the use of Executive Orders to impose restrictions on free speech. Because the Left has been unable to pass the Fairness Doctrine, the Liberal-in-Chief is trying to bypass the Congress and Senate via Executive Orders.

Among the requirements of this potential Executive Order:

  • Those businesses competing for federal contracts must disclose political donations made in the past two years so the Obama administration can deny contracts to political opponents.
  • Mandatory disclosure of monies to third-party groups that support various political issues that are in opposition to Obama policy.
  • Officers and Directors of businesses would be required to disclose personal contributions to candidates and organizations but… Exempt, as you might guess – Labor Unions.
  • These people are serious and they have millions upon millions of dollars of liberal funding behind them. This is why we need you to help us fight against this campaign by signing the petition below and helping to fund AmeriPac’s fight against these liberal behemoths that want nothing more than to have their ideas to become the only messages on the radio, television, and internet.


Now, back to Soros. The list of Leftist organizations that this billionaire liberal funds, is quite long. With Media Matters as the most notable organization, conservatives and conservative candidates are also among his favorite people to attack.

Just recently, the publication, Mother Jones, a leftist outfit partially funded by George Soros, attacked Texas Governor Rick Perry for practicing his Christianity through free speech and over his declared day of prayer and fasting.

(Pictured is left winger George Soros)

Soros has also been on the attack towards the Koch brothers, successful businessmen who are openly conservative and fund various conservative activities. Common Cause, a liberal group funded by none other than Soros, staged a protest of several hundred individuals at a meeting the Koch brothers hosted of influential conservatives to discuss campaign strategy and free markets. For Soros, the free exchange of ideas is fine so long as those ideas are in line with his extreme leftist agenda.

Soros is not going to stop! So we must fight against his goal of squashing free speech in this country and his all-out assault on conservatism. cPlease donate now to AmeriPac and help us stand up to and defeat this liberal financier.

Among Soros’ most recent targets is Representative Paul Ryan, whose government cost-cutting initiative has come under heavy fire from liberals and Democrats. The Weekly Standard reported only days ago that a so-called Christian group, The American Values Network, attacked Ryan’s budget plan as being “un-Christian”. Again, it was Soros who was at least partially behind the attack, as he has given better than $400,000 to this group according to the article.

Then there is Media Matters – the darling of George Soros. This extreme Leftist group has Fox News in its sights, as it has become the Left’s chief attack dog on the news channel.

The Media Matters website is filled with vile and hate-filled comments towards Fox News and heavy hitters, such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Media Matters would like nothing more than to destroy Fox News. Fox News is Public Enemy #1 of George Soros.

The founder of Media Matters, David Brock, stated publicly that the group’s war against Fox News was an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage.” A recent Politico article even notes that Media Matters is assembling opposition research files on top executives and even mid-level officers at Fox News!

In fact, Media Matters is going so far as attempting to disrupt the various commercial interests of Fox News founder, Rupert Murdoch.

Soros isn’t satisfied with just destroying Fox News or the major conservative radio hosts or writers. He also is helping to fund liberal and anti-free speech candidates. His is a global assault on conservatism and free speech. That is why we need you to help AmeriPac fight against Soros and help to fund free speech initiatives and support conservative candidates who will fight to maintain your constitutional freedoms in America.

We, at AmeriPac, are fightingt against the extreme leftists such as Rep. Clyburn, President Obama, George Soros, David Brock, and Media Matters. We must stand up against those who wish to curtail free speech in America and against those who wish to destroy conservatism.

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