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Why Radical Agendas are Winning

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It seems that faith and family values are continuously under assault, and those pushing radical social engineering agendas are getting a free ride. They certainly have been quite successful at ramming through their agendas despite an often unwilling public.

Plenty of activist groups come to mind here, and one group especially has made incredible headway. The homosexual lobby – quite small yet very active, quite vocal, and so influential beyond their numbers – has been a case study of how to conquer a nation and remake it in the radicals’ image.

One proof of how successful they have been comes in the form of a recent US poll. This is how the American polling group Gallup described the findings: “U.S. adults, on average, estimate that 25% of Americans are gay or lesbian. More specifically, over half of Americans (52%) estimate that at least one in five Americans are gay or lesbian, including 35% who estimate that more than one in four are. Thirty percent put the figure at less than 15%.”

This is quite staggering, and for a number of reasons. The truth is, every single reputable American and international study on this question has found that homosexuals make up just one to two per cent of the population. They have always been a very small minority indeed.

Of course homosexual activists have long sought to bamboozle the public by claiming a 10 per cent figure. They just made that figure up, and it has served their cause well. I discuss these matters in more detail here:

So how in the world can so many Americans get these figures so incredibly wrong? The answer would appear to be rather straightforward. The homosexual lobby and their supporters have been amazingly successful in their propaganda campaigns, and have managed to convince plenty of people that everyone plus their uncle is homosexual.

Of course this comes straight out of the homosexual strategy books penned decades ago. The radicals knew that in order to revolutionise society to embrace their lifestyle, they would have to convince gullible straights that homosexuality is just as normal as gum-chewing or drinking milk.

A deliberate strategy of misinformation was utilised to fool the public into thinking that ‘homosexuals are everywhere, so you better get used to it’. And given how pro-homosexual the institutions of power and influence are (the media, the judiciary, academia, etc) this message has been pushed incessantly and ubiquitously.

Popular culture for example is absolutely awash with homosexuality. There are homosexual characters on most TV shows, films, music videos, and so on. Prime time culture is awash with pro-homosexual images and indoctrination. No wonder so many ordinary people are confused about what is going on here.

Bent Media

Indeed, a big part of why radicalism in general and the homosexual agenda in particular have been so successful is because of the mainstream media. The MSM has been ruthlessly championing these causes. And plenty of studies have borne this out.

Indeed, two sets of research have just appeared which show just how much the MSM is anti-family, anti-faith, and anti-conservative values. One has to do with the BBC, and the other with Hollywood. Consider the role of the famous British broadcaster.

A new study conducted within the BBC found a very strong anti-Christian and pro-leftist bias. And in this case those within the BBC are admitting all this themselves! Here is how one English newspaper covers this revealing and alarming story:

“The BBC is anti-Christian and ageist – according to a survey it carried out itself. Viewers also felt that minority groups were over-represented by the Corporation. They expressed concerns over ‘tokenism’ and ‘box-ticking’ and warned the broadcaster against trying to ‘manipulate’ an equal society instead of reflecting reality.

“The survey was conducted as part of the BBC’s ‘Diversity Strategy’ and involved 4,500 people, including some BBC staff. Some viewers still believe the broadcaster has a Left-wing or ‘liberal bias’, the consultation found. Others said ‘positive discrimination’ was still a ‘notable’ problem with the BBC’s recruitment process. According to viewers, Christians are badly treated with ‘derogatory stereotypes’ which portray them as ‘weak’ or ‘bigoted’.

“It was suggested that there was a bias against Christianity and that other religions were better represented. And some felt older women were being ‘marginalised’. The consultation concluded: ‘In terms of religion, there were many who perceived the BBC to be anti-Christian and as such misrepresenting Christianity.’

“It added: ‘Christians are specifically mentioned as being badly treated, with a suggestion that more minority religions are better represented despite Christianity being the most widely observed religion within Britain.’ One respondent said: ‘As a Christian I find that the BBC’s representation of Christianity is mainly inaccurate, portraying incorrect, often derogatory stereotypes’.”

Similar findings can be found in a just-released book about the rampant bias reigning in Hollywood. Ben Shapiro has produced a thoroughly documented volume showing how Hollywoodians themselves admit to their leftwing, anti-conservative bias.


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