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Watchwoman Warning: No man should be called reverend.  Only God is to be revered!

  • Read: [Psalms 111:9 KJV]  He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name.
  • Also see another preacherman who refuses to be called Reverend who writes, “I do not make this request because I think that I am too good for the title. I do not make this request because I want to be different from all others. After many hours of Bible Study, I have come to the conclusion that it is wrong for me to want the title [Reverend]; and it is wrong for me to encourage people to use it by my acceptance of it,” just like Pastor Sanders of Doers of the Word.  If anyone calls Pastor Sanders “Reverend” he corrects them saying, “Only God is to be called Reverend.”

Apparently, though the crotch-grabbing, hateful “rev” Wright thinks he’s good enough to be called such a high and mighty name.  Not surprising, is it? ▬ Donna Calvin

Hateful “rev” Wright brings his anti-American crusade to Baltimore

Marta Mossburg writes that Obama’s former pastor urges blacks to disavow their country

  • Marta H. Mossburg             3:04 p.m. EDT, June 21, 2011

Jeremiah Wright and former Rapist President Clinton

Forget hope and change; victimization is in. Dropped by the president and dismissed as a racist by many Americans, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright still draws crowds with his sometimes crotch-grabbing, always riveting soliloquies about black oppression.

The former pastor of Barack Obama drew thousands last week to the 8,000-member Empowerment Temple in Baltimore City. Overflow lots at the church were filled, and five blocks on either side of the massive stadium-like stucco building in Park Heights — a part of town where Orthodox Jews mix sometimes uneasily with blacks — were wall to wall with cars.

In this city where nearly 80,000 people left (along with 53,000 jobs) in the last decade, it’s easy to understand why his message resonates.

Mr. Wright spread the blame for black persecution around on lots of people and epochs. He hates Roman emperors for renaming months after themselves and upsetting their proper numerical order; Michelangelo for painting Jesus as white; U.S. public schools for teaching the American Revolution instead of African history. In particular, he hates the term “Middle East,” as it implies Europe as the center of the world.

And he hates Israel. “The state of Israel is an illegal, genocidal … place,” he said. “To equate Judaism with the state of Israel is to equate Christianity with [rapper] Flavor Flav.” Laughter erupted from the mostly female audience on that remark.

His solution: “We need to help African-Americans see they are just Africans born in another country.”

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