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I apologize for the the delay in posting this. As you know I’ve been sick. I am still weeding my way through thousands of emails. Donna Calvin



From: Pat, Kailey’s grandmother

Dear Family and Friends,

Quick Update and One More Hearing to go. 

Today (Friday 6-10-11) went very well for us.  Christine’s Lawyer, Christopher Maruca, was SUPERB and caught Tim in many lies again!  There is one more day to be scheduled.  It should be within a week or two.  The last 2 people to offer testimony will be myself (Kailey’s maternal grandmother) and Kailey’s 3rd court appointed G.A.L., Attorney, Robert M. Platt, Jr.

Even though today’s hearing was scheduled at the last minute on yesterday afternoon, we had 7 or 8 court observers!  And probably thousands of people praying for us!  Intercessory prayer is so much appreciated and we don’t have adequate words to express our thanks.

As soon as we get the date and time of when the LAST hearing will take place, I will let everyone know.  I’d really like a lot of people to see and hear what Kailey’s G.A.L. recommends, especially after he witnessed so many lies from Tim.  We have definitely jumped the hurdle on ‘the change of circumstance’ issue and also the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ issue.

At this time I’d ask ALL court observers to hold on to their notes and do nothing.  Atty. Platt doesn’t seem to care about Tim’s lies and the best interest of the child, so please pray the Lord will cause him to see what he needs to do.  If not, I know Atty. Maruca will do another great cross examination when Atty. Platt takes the stand, and we will then take more action if needed.  I was subpoenaed by Tim’s attorney, Mr. Morgan on Tuesday morning and have not been allowed in the courtroom as a court observer, but I am so thankful so many showed up and took notes.

Please send Chris Maruca a note of thanks and encouragement and let him know what you thought (via e-mail or snail mail).

Website for Christopher Maruca:

URGENT:  Court Observers Needed One More Day
for reallocation of custody ‘rightfully’ back to mother
at the Trumbull County Family Courthouse
220 S. Main   /  Warren,  OH  44482
Date To Be Announced as soon as I get it.
downtown Warren at the corner of Rt. 422 and Main Ave. across from Mickey’s Army and Navy Store
Please pass this on and invite others to attend.
Bring your notepad and pen.
Dress is business casual or business. (No jeans or T shirts)
I can’t thank you enough for your prayers and active support.
Sincerely for Justice,


For more information about COURTROOM OBSERVERS, A MINISTRY FOR JUSTICE, please go to:


May 14, 2011

Who are they?  What are they?  What do they do?  Why do we need them?

By Donna Calvin

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