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Custody Scam EXPOSED – OHIO is NO Exception

From: Patricia Paridon

Please read this horror story which is becoming epidemic.

Trumbull County Family Court is NO exception.

Many good families, people, and children are being victimized.

Read this story, then forward.  Be sure to open the attachment showing how the pedophile ring uses tax payers money.

From: Christine Tibbitts
Date: Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 10:55 AM

Hi folks, 

I have not met any of you but I wanted to share some information that I was able to obtain yesterday.  Meetings in DC regarding Ohio and Protective Mothers losing custody to abusers are taking place with some of our State Representatives.  Upon a meeting that was held with Representative Teberi’s staff, I was emailed and contacted.  I was provided the following information regarding a father and his daughter and granddaughter several years ago inStark County Ohio.

The name of the Protective Mother’s father is Terry Nemeth; His contact information is 330-830-0026 (H) and 330-936-0569 (C).   I spoke with this father yesterday and learned the following information.

Several years ago this family was a victim of a “custody scam,”  all involved attorneys, court appointed officials were from Stark county.  The family went through 3 attorneys.  Eventually they sought counsel outside of Stark County.  They found an attorney, Steve Slive, from Cleveland.  Initially, Mr. Slive did not want to take the case.  However, he called another attorney who knew the Judge sitting in on this case.  The attorney informed him that he would rather shoot himself in the foot than to have this Judge.  After hanging up, Mr. Stivers took the case.  The bad news is that he requires a $50,000.00 retainer.

The father told me that Mr. Stiver’s told the court that with this case, “Things were going to be done right.”  Previously, the family had asked that the Judge recuse himself and the Judge declined.  After Mr. Stiver’s became involved in the case, the Judge removed himself from the case.  At that point, the father said that the case began to move in a more fair way.

The family learned that nearly all of Ohio’s Federal Funding for father’s rights groups was being funneled into Stark County.  The family met with the Governor of Ohio and their Representative.  As a result this program was pretty much shut down in Ohio.

I found out yesterday that there are several others cases of mother’s losing custody to abusers besides us.  The following statistics apply:

Abusers getting custody of children has become and epidemic. In highly contested divorce cases, meaning that there is documented evidence of abuse, 70% of the time sole custody is given to the abuser. In 90% of these cases, custody is taken from a Protective Mother and given to an abusive father.  Domestic Violence has steadily INCREASED within the last three years.

Fathers and official’s are coached in aggressive retaliatory litigation in order to receive these funds.

Attached is a chart that shows where these funds originated, how they are used, etc.

Mr. Nemeth was very nice man and helpful.
Very truly yours,
Chris L. Tibbitts

From: Christine Tibbitts
Date: Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 2:43 PM
Please be advised of the following; 

For those of you who disbelieve that misuse of HHS-ACF/OCSE programs for instigating high-conflict litigation against Protective Mothers is a myth. Last week, I received a certified letter that was presented for failure to pay child support. When I opened the envelope, it contained a notice of contempt for failure to pay $5,000.00 in GAL fees. A witness was present when I opened the envelope. I was a stay-at-home mother. The GAL in my case forwarded a complaint to Children’s Services for physical abuse. The claim was thoroughly investigated and the claim was unsubstantiated. Before waiting for the report from Children’s Services, the GAL recommended custody to the father.

I know it sounds unbelievable but it happened.

Watchwoman Note: I am sorry, but I have no way of copying and pasting the attachment. ▬ Donna Calvin



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