Watchwoman on the Wall

by Ron Prentice, Chief Executive Officer

An opinion piece by Daniel Villareal has seen extraordinary online circulation due to its drastic honesty. Published by the Queerty Web site, the article’s title is “Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Kids?”

Warning: Sexually-oriented content below

Some of you may have read about this, but very few of you have likely read the entire piece. I distributed the article to a group of adults last night, but still thought it best to censor it.

The writer accuses others in the homosexual community of lying when they claim they have no interest in making kids learn about homosexuality.

“Recruiting children? You bet we are,” writes Villareal. “Why would we push anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach children about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?”

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