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A woman with a cell phone took this picture last night around 7 PM.  It was shown all over the local news.

Every night around 7 PM, the severe weather starts.  The local news teams get on the air and preempt “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” almost every night for the past several nights!  I might have won a trip to Hawaii, but now I’ll never know!

We got winds at our house that knocked over the neighbors stockade fence.  I have never seen winds that strong.  The rain was so heavy we couldn’t see out our windows.  I have never seen so much rain like we’ve gotten this April and May.  We are about 10 inches above normal for the year.

Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!   My U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has drunk the Kool-Aid.  He sent me an email this week saying he knows that global warming is caused by human beings and is responsible. Of course, he would.  He’s buddy-buddy with the rest of the Kool-Aid drinkers; otherwise called Democrats (Al-“the-earth-has-a-fever”-Gore-ites).  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!

Yesterday, I heard on Jim Quinn’s talk radio program, “America’s Morning Show with Quinn and Rose” that it is NOT global warming, but global cooling that is causing all the tornadoes resulting in the horrible deaths and destruction.  I agree with Jim Quinn.

Why are the greedy politicos stumping for global warming?  Well, they weren’t always.  Back in the 70’s it was global cooling and we were all going to die from the coming ice age.  But why do they stump with scare tactics?     M  O  N  E  Y    —  and more of it!  The more scared you are, the more you’ll let them raise your taxes to keep you safe.  The more you vote to give them, the more they have in their coffers to help them enjoy the finer things in life, like numerous mistresses, lap dances, etc., etc.

It is not you, me, Al Gore, Sherrod Brown, the internal combustion engine, your lawnmower, or hair spray can that controls the weather.  It is God!  He controls the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets and every thing contained in the universe.  Of course, don’t mention this to the Commander in Grief, the Obaminator!  Count your blessings!  At least we don’t have the infernal Arnold the Sperminator in charge.

Read the article below and there are thousands more on the web just like it:

Is Global Cooling Creating More Monster Tornadoes?

By May,

More devastating tornadoes are hitting large cities this year than generally has occurred. It appears that not only are more tornadoes occurring but more severe tornadoes are also occurring. Killer tornadoes ripped through Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Joplin, Missouri, on Sunday. Dozens have been killed by the Joplin tornado, which apparently exceed 150 miles per hour.

Tornadoes occur because of cold weather and not warm weather. Tornadoes do not occur in the tropics. Tornadoes occur when cold air hits warm air.

As we are only a month from summer, the air is warm over much of the United States. Unusually cold air is pushing down from the north, contributing to major storm activity. The cold air hits the warmer air pushing the warm air higher into our atmosphere than normal, which produces major storm activity. A lot of rain has accompanied the increased storm activity, producing massive flooding.

The Earth is cooling. Sun activity has normally decreased, and the Earth has been cooling for more than a decade. Climate change due to normal cyclical global cooling has been producing bad weather.

Read the rest, click here:

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