Watchwoman on the Wall

Last night as most of America was watching Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” – to find out who was the hearer of those infamous and dreaded words, “You’re fired!” Obama came on TV.  He preempted Trump’s show to announce the demise of Osama Bin Laden.

In the case of who can upstage who, Obama won with a major “trump card.”

OK, I know you may be sputtering: Which is more important? A “reality” show in which supposed celebrities yell at each other for the cameras? Or a major announcement by the President of the United States, ending a 10-year quest to apprehend the mastermind of history’s worst attack on the American homeland?

The answer is obvious.

However, Trump is increasingly being taken serious as Obama’s opponent in November. Obama just zinged Trump last week by releasing that much-ballyhooed birth certificate.

So, don’t you think it was just awfully tempting to somebody to cut the Donald off in mid-sentence in front of an audience of millions? With a major accouncement of a successful U.S. military action that prompted dancing in the streets in New York’s Times Square and throughout America?

Who Sunday night took a chance to look truly presidential at the expense of a potential opponent?

Couldn’t the announcement have waited until the Donald revealed who had been fired? Doncha think?

Please click here to leave your opinion:  Did Obama interrupt Donald Trump’s big moment of saying “You’re Fired” on purpose?

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