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Watchwoman Warning: The story in this post uses a term I take issue with, referring to homosexuals as “gays.” There’s nothing “gay” about sexual perversion. There’s nothing “gay” about sinning against God. It always leads to misery and death. What these males do is sinful and against God’s Written Commandments. The average age male who engages in that form of sexual perversion dies from an awful disease at the young age of 40, there’s nothing “gay” about that. I refer to these unfortunate people with the same term that God uses throughout Scripture. The term is sodomite. ▬ Donna Calvin

Obama Relies on Gay Financial Support

By: Dan Weil

Many of the wealthy Americans who donated to President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 have deserted him. Moderates are upset with healthcare and financial reform, while liberals are upset with his move toward the center this year. And who’s filling in the gap? Gay donors are, according to Politico.

They are pleased with the Obama administration’s successful effort to eliminate the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward gays. And they are enthusiastic about the Justice Department’s refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

The Obama campaign didn’t originally expect such generosity from gays, but is now trying to take advantage. The number of gays on Obama’s finance committee has risen from one in 2008 to 15 now.

“It’s ironic – a year ago there was no constituency more unhappy. There was a sea change,” said David Mixner, a veteran New York gay activist. Now, “You not only will see a united community that will contribute to Obama, but they will work their ass*s off.”

Source: Newsmax
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