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(Left) Obama and (Raised Hand) Attorney General Eric Holder

Reports by both National Review and the Family Research Council have confirmed that President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has yet again intentionally violated the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which prohibits the government from recognizing homosexual marriage.

The case involves an admitted illegal alien, Paul Wilson Dorman from Ireland, who was reportedly scheduled for deportation by the Board of Immigration Appeals, located in the Justice Department. To avoid deportation, Mr. Dorman entered into a homosexual civil union contract in the state of New Jersey (not a homosexual marriage, which is still illegal in New Jersey), and claimed he could not be deported because he was “married” under federal law. Since the 1996 DOMA law recognizes federal marriage as only between one man and one woman, and President Obama has a Constitutional duty to enforce the law, the man was deported, right? Wrong.

Attorney General Eric Holder, acting on Obama’s behalf, not only halted the deportation, and overturned the ruling of the Board of Immigration, he unlawfully declared the illegal Mr. Dorman qualifies for residence in the U.S. because of his homosexual “marriage,” again refusing to enforce DOMA by questioning its Constitutionality.

Holder ruled: “In the exercise of my review authority…and upon consideration of the record in this case, I direct that the order of the Board be vacated and that this matter be remanded to the Board to make such findings as may be necessary to determine whether and how the constitutionality of DOMA is presented in this case, including, but not limited to: 1) whether respondent’s same-sex partnership or civil union qualifies him to be considered a ‘spouse’ under New Jersey law; 2) whether, absent the requirements of DOMA, respondent’s same-sex partnership or civil union would qualify him to be considered a ‘spouse’ under the Immigration and Nationality Act; [abrogating DOMA as irrelevant] 3) what, if any, impact the timing of respondent’s civil union should have on his request for that discretionary relief; and 4) whether, if he had a ‘qualifying relative’ [a husband], the respondent would be able to satisfy the exceptional and unusual hardship requirement for cancellation of removal.”

In other words, no green card? No problem. Just claim you married your homosexual lover, and you can stay in the USA as long as you wish, in violation of the 1996 DOMA law which defines federally as only between one man and one woman.

Source: Chaplain Klingenschmitt THE PRAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS PROJECT

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