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WATCHWOMAN QUESTIONS? Are you tired of government interference? •  What do you think of all the recent “bans” that government is dictating?  •   Do you think that the U.S. Big Government (The Nanny State) has become the Big Dictator model that the 50 states and localities are emulating? Shouldn’t it be left to the individual to be able to order his burger the way he wants it or should government be able to dictate the temperature of cooked beef?  Why do you think government is initiating all these new laws and regulations?  •  Is it for your benefit or their’s?  Do you think that Americans are too stupid to make their own choices?  Why do you think Americans are allowing Big Government to reorder their lives?  Do you want the “Kitchen Police” to dictate what you and your family can eat and how to cook it?  What happened?  When did it start and why?  How did it start?  Where did it start?  •  How much control is too much?  •  What do you believe will be the outcome of these restrictive new laws and regulations to reorder and dictate the minutia of our lives?  Have you read “1984” and/or “Atlas Shrugs”?  •  Do you think the U.S.A. is headed in the right direction making all these new laws and regulations with bans and restrictions?  •   Leave your comments. ▬ Donna Calvin


There may be no food more American than the burger. And according to meat lovers, there may be no health code regulation less American than North Carolina’s rare and medium rare burger ban. From Winston-Salem to Nags Head, meat eaters are unable to order their burgers rare or even medium rare thanks to a state restriction that requires restaurants to cook ground beef to an internal temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s enough heat to sufficiently kill dangerous bacteria like E. coli, according to state health officials. But it’s also enough heat to kill all of the flavor, according to Raleigh resident and rare burger aficionado Steven Elliot.

“I don’t believe in a nanny state when it comes to food,” said Elliot, who told AOL Weird News he would order his burgers “bloody” or “ready to moo” if he could.


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