Watchwoman on the Wall

by Donna Calvin

I am sleepy and relaxed beyond measure! My daughter took me to Ladies & Gentlemen Salon – Spa for my Mother’s Day present,  — and ooooohhhh my! I was treated like a Hollywood movie star! Now I know how the other half lives! I got a facial massage, hot towel over my face to enjoy, mint scented oil, an arm massage, that included hands and fingers massage too, my hair washed, done and styled in a French twist, and I was treated like Queen Ester with lovely make up too.  I felt like a pretty Queen. This was one of the best days of my life! The local Christian radio station (FISH) said that the #1 present mothers love is a spa treatment. Ooooooooohhh my, I can see why. #3 was a homemade gift from the heart and #2 was going out to eat. My DH took me out to lunch when Cheryl brought me back home. Wow! What a day!

Tonight we’re going to Pastor Ernie Sanders radio program to co-host with him. Listen Live from 9-11 PM EDT – What’s Right, What’s Left Christian Talk Show. At that web site, you can listen world wide over the Internet.  For info how to call in, go to What’s Right, What’s Left Home Page for call in numbers.  FYI – The Fish (Salem Radio) is the same station that owns WHKW 1220 AM where I’m going to be on radio tonight.

And Mother’s Day Celebrations are not over yet.  Adding to what is already better than the best, this isn’t the end of my Mother’s Day presents.  Sunday we’re going to my daughter’s church where Mothers will all be honored and then we’re all going out to eat, my family and some of Cheryl’s and my friends, plus my niece-in-law and her mother who is a holocaust survivor.

It’s a good week for mothers at my house!

God bless our wonderful children and our dear husbands who love us and show us so wonderfully.

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