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More of your dollar$ down the drain!

Cleveland water customers will pay more for water starting July 1.

(WATCHWOMAN’S NOTE: That’s a whole lot more people than those just living in the City of Cleveland. It means everyone who uses the water that comes from the Cleveland Water Department, which is just about everybody in the greater Cleveland area. Who sends you your water bill? Most likely the Cleveland Water Dept. Because 10 people on the Cleveland City Council decided you have to pay more, you will. ▬ Donna Calvin)



Cleveland City Council raises water rates in 10-8 vote
By Thomas Ott, The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio –Cleveland City Council voted 10-8 Monday to raise water rates, a rare display of discord driven by unhappiness with the system’s management.

Council approved a series of rate increases extending through 2015. The typical Cleveland customer’s rate will rise 82 percent over five years, while suburban rates climb about 50 percent.

The first step, raising the minimum service charge from $7 to $18, will begin showing up on third-quarter residential bills. The first increase will not affect Lakewood, Cleveland Heights, Bedford, Chagrin Falls and Geauga County, which buy water wholesale and resell it to their residents.

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