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Hot Post: Allen West is Right: Leftist Women Castrate Our Men (Page 2)

What do all these women have in common? They are card-carrying members of the feminist elite. It’s a bona fide cult, and liberalism is their God.

Indeed, if Allen West made any mistake in his analysis, it was his use of the term liberal. A better term is feminist. Modern liberal women are nothing more and nothing less than feminists — and feminists are the most visible group of women of America. Simply put, they drive the bus.

But the feminist worldview is in direct opposition to the conservative worldview. That’s what Allen West meant, I believe, when he said conservative women must stop liberal women in their tracks.

I couldn’t agree more.

The problem is that too many Americans, women in particular, are afraid to take a stand against feminism. They think being opposed to feminism means being against women’s rights or being throwbacks to a bygone era when women were at home doing nothing else with their lives but caring for children — which, besides being untrue, is not a bad thing anyway. But that is precisely how liberal women want people to think of feminism: as American women’s saviors.

But feminism did not save the women of America. If anything, it ruined them.

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