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Guy on wheelchair taken down by officers

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In the officers defense, I knew a person who lived in public housing for the handicapped.  She was in a wheelchair.  She was the only person in her whole apartment complex that wasn’t a former (or current) drug dealer who had been shot and put in that wheelchair by a bullet in a drug-deal gone bad.  So, there might have been a very good reason for putting this person in cuffs on the ground out of his wheelchair.  He could have had a gun hidden next to him in that wheelchair.

However, on the other side of things, I know that policeman can be way too over rambunctious and mean-spirited in making arrests.

Some policemen are probably that way from becoming hardened by all they see and others may have chosen that job because they enjoy being in power.

I see both sides now.

I think we need to keep an open mind when looking a videos like these.  We don’t see the entire episode and what has happened leading up to what has been video taped.  Like the Rodney King video that played ad neauseam for months over the TV airwaves.  I think Rodney King got exactly what he deserved on that video and all that has ensued since proves my point.  Rodney is the king of trouble and getting arrested and rearrested multiple times since that video streaked across my eyeballs for months, like I said, ad neauseam.

▬ Donna Calvin

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