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WATCHWOMAN PROCLAIMS IT’S GOOD NEWS! – I applaud the leadership and courage of Rep. Virginia Foxx, a Republican U.S House member from North Carolina, for sponsoring this amendment to prevent tax dollars being used to train how to murder the most innocent and vulnerable, the unborn babies.  If they don’t get trained with my tax dollar$, that makes me very, very, very happy.  Why should I be forced to pay the government to train people to murder babies? Who wants to pay to train another evil, murdering Dr. Mengele type?  Not me!  ▬ Donna Calvin

SOUNDING THE TRUMPET ANNOUNCING GOOD NEWS! Every baby saved and not murdered at the hands of a bloody abortionist at Planned Pedators is GOOD NEWS!



House Blocks Funding for Abortion Training

Legislation meant to ensure government funds are not used to pay for abortion training at federally funded health centers has passed in the House, Wednesday.

Lawmakers voted 234-182 in favor of the Foxx Amendment. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., said the measure makes it “crystal clear” taxpayer dollars won’t be used to train medical professionals on how to perform abortions.  read more » at Christian Coalition of America



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