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Donald Trump Not Running for GOP Nod for President in 2012
Donald Trump said today he will not seek the Republican nomination for president, after stoking speculation with statements and speeches taking on pro-abortion President Barack Obama.
After months of speculation about his future plans, Trump released a statement today saying, “After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the Presidency.”
“This decision does not come easily or without regret; especially when my potential candidacy continues to be validated by ranking at the top of the Republican contenders in polls across the country,” he added. “I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election. I have spent the past several months unofficially campaigning and recognize that running for public office cannot be done half heartedly. Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.”
Trump appears ready to endorse the Republican nominee against Obama.
“I look forward to supporting the candidate who is the most qualified to help us tackle our country’s most important issues and am hopeful that, when this person emerges, he or she will have the courage to take on the challenges of the Office and be the agent of change that this country so desperately needs,” he said.
Trump withdrew as a potential Republican candidate for president on the same day NBC announced it would renew his television show, “The Apprentice,” for another season. He had been pressured to tell the network whether he would head the program so it can pitch advertisers for the Fall.

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Huckabee Decision Not to Run Shakes Up GOP Presidential Race
Governor Mike Huckabee, who is strongly pro-life, has decided against putting together a bid for the GOP nomination to face pro-abortion President Barack Obama in 2012. His decision significantly shakes up the race.
Huckabee said that, while signs pointed to him having the ability to win not only the nomination but also the general election next Fall, he didn’t have the fire in the belly to run a presidential race.
“The past few weeks, the external signs and signals and answers to many of the obstacles point strongly toward running. When I am with people encouraging me to run, it’s easy to feel the strength of their partnership and commitment to help me to the finish line,” he said. ” Only when I was alone, in quiet and reflective moments did I have not only clarity, but an inexplicable inner peace—a peace that exceeds human understanding. All the factors say GO, but my heart says NO. And that is the decision I have made and in it have finally found resolution. I don’t fully understand it myself—but I’m sure the pundits will.”
Huckabee seemed to acknowledge that, unlike in 2008, he had a good shot at putting together the kind of campaign that would win the nomination and he pointed to the many polls showing him either the frontrunner or a leading candidate nationally and in many of the early primary and caucus states.
“Even though I wasn’t actively establishing a campaign organization or seeking financial support to run again, polls have consistently put me at or near the top to be the Republican nominee,” he said. “Concerns that I had about raising the necessary funds to be competitive or being able to win in states outside the South were answered when signs of strong financial support materialized and when polls showed me winning in states like Pennsylvania, Maine, and even New Jersey. That kind of shattered the notion that I was only a regional candidate or only supported by social conservatives.”

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Source: Pro-Life News Report, Monday, May 16, 2011

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