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From: One Million Moms and One Million Dads

Burger King and Taco Bell have chosen once again to financially support inappropriate programming, and this time it is enough to make one nauseous.

WARNING: This must be one of the most disgusting scenes ever and we apologize in advance for shocking your sensibilities, but you really need to know about what is airing on programs targeting teen audiences.

MTV’s disgusting and sexually explicit teen “comedy” The Hard Times of RJ Berger has hit a new low in stomach-turning content. The series’ entire premise focuses on the size of the well-endowed RJ’s genitals. Previous episodes have shown Miles having sex with (and catching a venereal disease from) his high-school teacher, and RJ’s mother stripping RJ’s girlfriend so that he can have sex with her.

We apologize for painting such a horrific picture of what aired on MTV recently. But you MUST understand just how low MTV is stooping in their quest to be provocative for young viewers.

On the Monday, May 9 episode (10:00 p.m. ET – 9:00 p.m. Central and Mountain), RJ’s friend Miles joins the cheerleading squad, so that he can lift girls and look up their skirts. But as he does so, one girl complains of cramps – and Miles is hit in the face with her menstrual blood. Miles runs around screaming, “Period blood isn’t just blood. Period blood is what the Devil makes terrorists drink in hell. I had a girl’s period blood on my face!”

Burger King and Taco Bell paid MTV to advertise on this program. MTV couldn’t produce this kind of programming if nobody sponsored it. This is where YOU come in!

The good news is your voice is being heard! Every single sponsor we contacted requesting they pull their support from GLEE has not had their ads present in the past two episodes since we emailed them. Subway, Boost Mobile, Burger King and Taco Bell have pulled their commercials from GLEE so we are fighting a winnable war!

Millions of Moms, Dads, and Children Watch TV. It should be safe, not sickening!

PLEASE help us hold Taco Bell and Burger King PUBLICLY ACCOUNTABLE for sponsoring such wretched content on RJ Berger.


Take a moment to email and urge the executives of these two sponsors to remove their ads from this program. Tell them YOU will vote with your wallet the next time you are going out to eat!

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Monica Cole, Director

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