Watchwoman on the Wall

In these days when there is so much to be concerned and disturbed about, with much worry so that many end up feeling in a state of depression, here is a video that will bring you hope that the country you live in may not yet be doomed to face the ultimate end at the hands of blood-thirsty Muslims armed with machetes coming to behead you, planning the rape and defilement of your daughters, enjoying the destruction of blowing up tall buildings in our cities using airplanes as missiles and mass-murdering our soldiers on U. S. bases on American soil.

Kamal Saleem, was raised by his mother to be a terrorist who would die as a glorious martyr in Jihad as a suicide bomber.

See how Christians reaching out to Kamal sent him seeking to see who the REAL GOD OF THE UNIVERSE is. Was it Allah? See how the REAL GOD responded.

And see how the REAL ONE, TRUE  GOD came to save Kamal.

YouTube Preview Image

See also another inspiring video Millions of Muslims coming to Christ (Joel Rosenberg featuring Father Zakaria Botros)

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