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To paraphrase someone else who was called upon to make predictions, “I am not a prophet nor the daughter of a prophet” (Amos 7:14). Therefore I will not be joining those who make predictions, serious or otherwise, about what the New Year will bring. However, I would like to offer my wish list for the top 10 Jewish headlines for 2008. We may not see any of them in the coming year, but to paraphrase Theodor Herzl, if we can imagine it, then perhaps it will not just remain a dream.
Following David Letterman’s lead, my top 10 wishes for 2008 headlines appear in ascending order:
10. Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw Admits She’s Jewish
9. Stephen Schwartz Musical “Eight Nights” Lights Up Broadway
8. Ahmadinejad Looses Reelection to Moderate
7. Jew Tube Attracts Unaffiliated
6. Foundation Funds Turning Synagogues Green
5. Millionth Couple Marries Through JDate
4. Birthright Founders Launch New Program To Train Jewish Youth Leaders
3. Hamas, Silencing Rockets, Says Will Recognize Israel
2. New President Launches Manhattan Project for Energy Independence
1. Arab League Signs Peace Treaty with Israel
What would your top Jewish headlines of 2008 be? Add them below.

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